Introducing windows 10 for it professionals

Get a head start evaluating Windows 10--through technological insights from award-winning journalist and Windows experienced Ed Bott. This overview introduces new attributes and capabilities, offering a useful, high-level overview for IT specialists ready to start deployment planning now.This edition was created after the release of Windows 10 version 1511 in November 2015 and contains all of its enterprise-focused attributes.The goal of this book is to help you type out what’s brand-new in Windows 10, via a distinct emphasis on features that are different from the Windows versions you and also your company are using today, beginning with an overview of the operating device, describing the many changes to the user suffer, and diving deep into deployment and management devices wbelow it’s vital.

Table of Contents

Summary ix Chapter 1: An overwatch of Windows 10 1 What is Windows 10? 2 A new strategy to updates and also upqualities 2 The evolution of the Windows user endure 4 User accounts and synchronization 6 Windows apps 7 A brand-new default internet browser 9 What’s new for IT pros? 10 Greater control over updates and also upqualities 11 Security improvements 12 Deployment and also managecapacity 15 Virtualization 15 Chapter 2: The Windows 10 user experience 19 An overcheck out of the brand-new Windows user experience 20 The Setups application 21 Notifications and also action butlots 24 Cortana 25 Universal apps in resizable home windows 27 Navigation 29 Tablet Setting 30 Documents Explorer 31 Cloud relationships 33Chapter 3: Installation and also activation 35 Compatibility and also preparation 35 System requirements 36 Supported upgrade routes 36 Creating and also making use of installation media 36 New rules for activation 39 Windows 10 installation options 41 Creating and regulating user accounts 43 Which account type have to you use? 44 Chapter 4: Deploying Windows 10 in the Enterprise 49 Deployment scenarios 50 Enterpincrease deployment tools: An overcheck out 52 Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2013 52 Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit 53 Chapter 5: Security and also privacy in Windows 10 57 The development of the threat landscape 57 Securing hardware 58 Securing the boot procedure 59 Locking down enterpclimb PCs via Device Guard 62 Securing information on regional storage tools 63 Device encryption 64 BitLocker Drive Encryption 64 Remote business information removal 65 Securing identities 65 Blocking malware 69 Windows Defender 69 SmartScreen and phishing security 70 Managing privacy 71Chapter 6: Microsoft Edge and also Net Explorer 11 77 A brief history of Web Explorer 77 Browsing alternatives in Windows 10 78 Microsoft Edge 81 Configuring Enterpincrease Mode in Windows 10 86 Chapter 7: Windows 10 networking 91 Wiremuch less networking improvements 91 Making secure relations to corpoprice netfunctions 96 Managing network connections 98 Support for IPv6 101 Chapter 8: Hyper-V and also desktop virtualization choices 103 Client Hyper-V 103 Deskpeak virtualization options 108 Application virtualization 110 User Experience Virtualization 112 Chapter 9: Recoincredibly and troubleshooting tools 113 Using Windows Recoexceptionally Environment 113 Windows 10 and also push-button recollection choices 116 The Keep My Files choice 119 The Remove Everypoint option 120 Troubleshooting devices 121 Sysinternals devices 123 Microsoft Diagnostics and Recoextremely Toolset 123 Chapter 10: Integrating Azure Active Directory 125 Getting began through Azure ADVERTISEMENT 125 Joining a Windows 10 PC to Azure ADVERTISEMENT 130 Adding work-related accounts to Windows 10 134Chapter 11: Universal apps and also the new Windows Store 137 The Universal Windows Platform 137 Introducing the brand-new Windows Store 138 How Universal Windows Platdevelop apps job-related 141 Using the Windows Store for Business 145 Chapter 12: Storage 147 Storage Tools 147 Disk Management 148 DiskPart 148 Storage Sense 149 Data History 151 State-of-the-art Storage Options 153 Chapter 13: Managing mobile tools and also enterpincrease data 159 Mobile tool administration methods 159 System Center Configuration Manager 160 Microsoft Intune 162 Work Folders 163 Chapter 14: Windows 10 on phones and tiny taballows 167 The development of Windows on mobile tools 167 Installing Windows 10 Mobile 169 What’s inside Windows 10 Mobile 171 Windows 10 Mobile and apps 172 Continuum 175 Windows 10 Mobile in the enterprise 176Chapter 15: What’s new in Group Policy in Windows 10 177 Windows Upday for Business 177 Device Guard 178 Microsoft Passport for Work 180 Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 181 Controlling accessibility to preview builds and also telemetry information 182 Managing Windows Upday Deliincredibly Optimization 183 Security policies 184