Internet stops working after a few minutes windows 10

Today I was linked to internet provider, which gives 100 Mbit/s Ethernet. The link procedure is extremely basic. I simply plug RJ-45 to my lapoptimal, and also everythink has operated. My provider has DHCP, so I got some DNS and also various other typical stuff immediately. I have actually one trouble.

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Net functions pretty excellent for 5 minutes after beginning Windows 10. Then I check out yellow authorize in tray and also "No netoccupational accessibility - unfigured out network".



Note, that this internet provider is not first for this lapoptimal. In previous (then I have actually Windows 7), I used other provider, Everything was OK.


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asked Jul 7 "15 at 8:28

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answered Jul 10 "15 at 8:03

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RESOLVED - lastly uncovered the solution. For anyone else through this concern disabling the adhering to settings need to work:

Go to Device Manager, netoccupational adapters, and also discover the ethernet one.

right-click for properties - advanced ...power management

Disable Energy-efficient ethernet (and or green energy) and also Wake on magic packet.

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answered Jul 4 "20 at 7:48

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