Internet security setting preventing files open

This post provides the techniques for you to resolve the error message that occurs when you open up documents by making use of Net Explorer in Windows 7.

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Initial product version: Web Explorer, Windows 7Original KB number: 2588679


When you attempt to open up a record by making use of Net Explorer in Windows 7, you get the complying with error message:



This concern may happen bereason the following problems are true:

The file type that you are trying to open up is thought about unsafe.The Launching applications and unsafe file defense establishing is set to Disable for the zone that is associated through wright here the file originated.

Resolution Method 1: Recollection Web Explorer security zone settings to their default level

To recollection Internet Explorer protection zone settings to their default level, follow these steps:

Start Net Explorer.Click Tool, and also then click Internet options.Click the Security tab.Click Recollection all areas to default level, and also then click OK.

Resolution Method 2: Reset Net Explorer settings


The actions in this write-up may not fully resolve the worry. For example, if the present Net Explorer settings are being imposed by a Group Policy object (GPO), these actions may not resolve the problem. If you want additionally assistance in resolving the problem that is defined in this post, contact Customer Support.

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More information

When records are downloaded to a regional computer system that is running Windows XP Service Pack 2 or a later version, a security zone identifier is stored in addition to the file properties. This identifier synchronizes to the Net Explorer security zone for wbelow the file was obtained.

When a downloaded file is established as an unsafe file kind, the Launching applications and also unsafe file option for the matching security zone is queried for among 3 options: Enable, Prompt, or Disable. The dialog that is mentioned in the Symptoms section will certainly be displayed once the Launching applications and also unsafe file alternative is set to Disabled.

For even more indevelopment about unsafe file types, see:

For even more information around the procedure that is used to apply zone identifiers to files, view Information about the Attachment Manager in Windows.

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For more information around the Internet Explorer protection zones, watch Internet Explorer defense areas regisattempt entries for advanced individuals.