Internet connection sharing cannot be enabled a lan connection is already configured with the ip

For the past week I have actually been struggling through trying to share the wireless internet from my laptop with my desktop computer. Both computer systems are running Windows 7.

I have tried to bridge my wiremuch less and Ethernet connections, but the internet will certainly not follow. Also, whenever before I affix the two, I get a message on both computer systems saying that "Windows has actually detected an IP address problem." I cannot recollection the IP attend to of my desktop (utilizing "ipconfig /release", then "ipconfig /renew"), whenever before I attempt, it says:

"An error developed while renewing interchallenge Local Area Connection : The DHCP client has actually acquired an IP address that is already in usage on the network. The neighborhood interconfront will certainly be disabled until the DHCP client deserve to attain a brand-new address." (this is presented in command prompt).

I have likewise tried utilizing Net Connection Sharing, yet, whenever I attempt to setup this up, it claims that:

"An error developed while Net Connection Sharing we being enabled.

Internet Connection Sharing cannot be permitted. A LAN link is already configured with the IP attend to that is forced for automatic IP addressing."


This message mirrors up regardless if the various other computer is associated or not. I carry out not know exactly how to adjust the LAN connection"s IP address. I am assuming that the LAN connection is the same as the Ethernet connection, please correct me if I am wrong.

I have actually done my research, looking anywhere the web, in truth, I was just reading another addressed article prior to I chose to lastly put my (what seems to be) distinctive problem digital. I execute not understand if I am doing something wrong. Since I deserve to attach to both computer systems together and also share records without any type of internet, just the cord, I know that both Ethernet cards are functioning. Also, I am making use of a CAT5e cable (if that provides a difference).

I have actually been struggling with this so much, any kind of help would certainly be very a lot appreciated.

Thank you,



Thanks heaps mate worked a treat. Had exactly the same problem as Greg yet this appeared to work for me.

I recognize this was a while earlier, yet I think I have actually discovered the cause of the difficulty. It appears that my lappeak wishes to link to get the newly shared internet (LAN) to same IP deal with of my wiremuch less router.

Could this be the trouble, and if so, is there any kind of way to settle it?


 By the way, just thought I need to point out that both lappeak and also computer system deserve to "see" each other and share records without internet.
James Bruce
ICS demands to erected the netjob-related card through to make it occupational. If you have actually somepoint else on your netjob-related through that resolve, it will certainly break. That consists of your wiremuch less netoccupational. It"s very likely your rexternal is ALSO making use of this resolve, thus the error. Are you able to access the router config and also adjust the address?
That"s a limitation of Windows XP


For Windows 7 Net Connection Sharing provides the IP Address room and therefor shouldn"t cause that trouble.

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Did you try utilizing connectify ? because it will instantly share the connection, does not need hand-operated settings.

download :

(Reset the settings to default first, or a system reclaim, if you have actually adjusted many type of things so you can begin fresh.)

check out right here : connectify will certainly aid you if you have actually a ip conflict.

As if it is their trouble !

So either it will let you connect, or they will certainly carry out support.

I am not saying that they will certainly 100 %settle the trouble, yet they have the right to assist you.
Correct me if I am wrong, yet connectify is just for producing a wireless hot spot. I have to share my wireless to a wired connection. If my desktop computer had actually wireless, then I would certainly have no problem! Thanks for the help though.

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To use ICS, readjust the wireless network-related to a various address range,such as 192.168.1.x. or to adjust from 192.168.0.x to

Hello, did you run the ipconfig /flushdns before releasing/renewing the ip address? If you did not, try running that first and also then use the ipconfig /release and also ipconfig /rebrand-new.

The complying with link will certainly display you exactly how to erected an static IP address if that is what you desire to do. At the finish of the post, it will present you some imperiods around how to do it. with.php
choices :

If feasible, reset the router.

attempt connectify :

boost the ip array of DHCP

Check if the DHCP is permitted

Read this :
I am not sure by what you intend by "manual IP address". On both computer, the IPv4 properties are collection to "Obtain an IP attend to automaticaly".


As for the ICS, my bridge was deleted prior to I tryed the ICS. In fact, i tried utilizing ICS prior to also producing a Netjob-related Bridge. The very same error occurs. When I readjusted the IP address of the LAN link manually, ICS required to change it ago, then the same error confirmed up.

I obtain what must occur, but whatever before I attempt ends up with the very same errors! Either simply a connected connection, or simply ICS.
I would start by resetting the IP and WinSock adapter on the machine you are trying to setup the ICS/Netjob-related Bridge

1. click on Start and also enter "cmd" right into the Search box

2. right-click the "cmd.exe" result and also pick "Run as Administrator..."

3. type "netsh int ip recollection c:resetlog.txt"

4. kind "netsh winsock reset catalog"

5. rebegin your mechanism

Now attempt to enable ICS as defined right here. Also make sure that no proxy or automatic detection is permitted on the various other computer system as shown right here.

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Thanks for your help Mike, but it is still not working. I acquire the exact same error as before:


An error developed while Net Connection Sharing we being enabled.


Connection Sharing cannot be permitted. A LAN link is currently

configured with the IP deal with that is forced for automatic IP


Do you have actually any type of other ideas? Sorry for the trouble.

Please read 
ha14:disqus comment

Although this is a WinXP trouble and Windows 7 should not have actually this limitation via ICS I likewise recommfinish altering the IP Address area of your existing network-related.
An error occurred while renewing interface Local Area Connection : The DHCP client has acquired an IP resolve that is currently in usage on the network. The local interface will be disabled till the DHCP client deserve to attain a new attend to.

This leads me to think that your DHCP server ran out of resolve area. Have you regulated whether the pool is collection large sufficient to cover all your devices? I assume your Rexternal is providing out IP Addresses so this is the area you desire to go.


An error emerged while Internet Connection Sharing we being permitted.

Web Connection Sharing cannot be permitted. A LAN link is already configured through the IP attend to that is forced for automatic IP addressing.

From your description I would say you tried to allow ICS without deleting the Network Bridge prior to it.

1. go to the "Netjob-related and Sharing Center" within the Control Panel

2. on the left hand also side click on "Manage netoccupational connections"

3. delete any kind of and all existing network-related bridges
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