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Starray thing that involved my attention on Twitter. Windows Update uses world optional motorists, however they don’t really fit for the devices in question. Microsoft rolls out reportedly optional INTEL driver updays of the type INTEL – System – .

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Colleague Barb Bowguy made this stvariety observation and also documented it by a screenswarm on Twitter. In the particular Tweet (just click it) she writes that it is PCs from Dell, ASUS, HP.


These units all run with Windows 10, yet are not in the Windows Insider routine. On all devices, old and unsuitable driver updays unexpectedly show up as optional updates under Windows Upday. These are entries of the type:

One driver is dated 1968 and one in 1970 (INTEL mechanism driver). They are all INTEL motorists, however according to Bowmale they perform not fit on the makers. A user writes on Twitter that Intel appears to have readjusted its policy about driver updays for OEM computer systems. And Microsoft has actually adopted this in Windows Update. As a reason for the old dates for the motorists, the user says that they desire to make sure that the chauffeurs now offered are not mounted over the OEM motorists. Because the OEM motorists were additionally yielded through a reduced significant version.

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Addendum: Tbelow is likewise a Microsoft Answers forum post, wbelow a user clintends the following:

Why is Windows 10 Upday trying to install Surface System and also Surface Keyboard on my Dell lapheight (Dell Latitude E6420)? It’s reflecting that the update standing is pfinishing install. My OS is Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. Updates were last checked (automatically) this day at 12:18 PM CT.

Seems stselection, this habits. This is not the initially instance, in the German blog post Windows 7/8.1 und die optionalen INTEL System-Treiber-Updays I had already reported somepoint prefer this in 2016. Question: Have such updates been offered to any of you?

Addendum: It’s a function, as a Germale blog reader stated. Within this INTEL readme we deserve to read for chipset driver:

And tright here is this blog write-up, wbelow Microsoft explain, why they ship motorists through really old days.

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I got also feedearlier from Gerguy readers, that the driver has actually been mounted (although the day need to prevent that) and also messed some gadgets.