Intel processor diagnostic tool brand string fail

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run diagnostic on processor obtained a brand also string fail outcome from what i can get out of it it is a config concern likewise core 2 duo 64 bit capable yet cant gain win 7 64 to load


Hello, seawolf21.I would certainly prefer to understand if you still need assistance? If so, please carry out not hesitate to reply to my previous article.Antony S.

i will certainly obtain back to you on board and cpu had a catastrophic accident through that computer so now utilizing one even older i obtain 600 a month on discapability so both machines are dump rescues i want to cry lol will not give up hope though provide me a couple days.

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Hello, seawolf21. I would favor to recognize if you might perform the troubleshooting steps provided?Antony S.

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Hello! I have the very same isue. But additionally i have difficulty via temperature monitor. i have to disable both of them in "tools" prior to run the test.pentium d945asus p5ld2security of the temperature functions in bios and also third party software application developer on Windows 10, but it does not through real processor utility)))additionally i have actually adjusted all settings in bios that required utility from assist paperactualy i have actually not a lot of them:max cpuid worth - disabledthermal monitor - enabledc1 control - enabledspeed step - disabledmicrocode updation - enabledexecute disable little - enabledany kind of suggestions???
Thank you exceptionally much for joining this thread, artnovich.In this case, if the troubleshooting procedures above did not occupational for you I will highly recommfinish you to create a new thread explaining your problem. Make certain you include your mechanism configuration and also a clear explacountry around the issue so we have the right to offer you a solution as soon as possible. Antony S.
After install IPDT in folder "BrandString_LocalConfig.xml" adjust name for core 2 duo processor. Corect name is -CoreStringParts = "|Core(TM)2|CPU|
2.53GHzString component compare errorEnd Time: Mon Jun 15 17:04:17 2020Total Time:seconds: 0System Information------------------Processor Name: Core(TM)2 Duo CPUE7200
This threview is more than two years old.For your processor E7200, it is going to fail on Brand also String test as your processor is simply also old.Ignore the error - there is nopoint wrong.Doc