Intel hd graphics 520 multiple monitors

Having problems gaining Intel HD 520 (Windows 10) to display two monitors at the indigenous widedisplay screen resolution (2560x1080). It will detect 1 monitor at 2560 and also the other at 1920.

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When I mirror the monitors they job-related fine, if I unplug either monitor the resolution works fine. It"s just an worry once both monitors are plugged in. Can confirm I can have actually my lapheight open and also all 3 screens job-related (with one of the monitors presented correctly and also the various other showing exact same symptom)

I"m running a Lenovo E560, using Intel HD 520 graphics (I have a specialized card: AMD Radeon R7 M370, however cannot figure out just how to force lapoptimal to use it natively). Running Windows 10 with all updays. I"m running the monitors via Lenovo ThinkPad OneLink Pro Dock. All running up to day drivers.


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Try disabling the onboard graphics in Device Manager. Once you do that, reboot. Then run the dxdiag utility. What does it come earlier through saying that it"s using? How much RAM does it detect on the card?



Sometimes the BIOS will certainly have actually an choice such as Optimus assistance for switchable graphics. If this is disabled, the mechanism will only use the Dedicated graphics. Not certain if Lenovo has this choice, however Dell laptop computers execute.

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Also, examine for latest driver updates for both Intel and also AMD graphics.


The sustained resolution over 3 extfinished display screens will certainly additionally depfinish on the cables provided. Are you utilizing DP, HDMI, VGA, DVI and also in what combination?

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