Intel dual band wireless ac 3160 problems

So have a weird trouble from a mechanism. The wireless adapter is an Intel dual band wireless-AC 3160. It reflects up in tool manger, I"ve updated the vehicle drivers, however it is unable to detect any type of WiFi networks. Now it"s in a little create variable desktop and also it didn"t have actually any antennas connected to it in the earlier just the screws for an antenna. So I figured it just isn"t picking up any type of networks bereason of a lack of antennas. I connected a (extremely large) antenna yet still not detecting anything. Even my phone in hostpot mode isn"t detected held best up to the machine. At this allude I suspect the adapter is failing and also will certainly simply need to be reinserted but curious if anyone has watched an issue favor this.

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I"ve seen this occur newly. Even though its in gadget manager go ahead and have it unset up from tright here then have actually tool manager shave the right to for brand-new hardware alters. No reboot compelled and it should start reflecting easily accessible WiFi netfunctions aget.

I"ve had actually worries via the 3160 on a couple brand-new laptop computers when connecting to wifi hotspots. You have to adjust the settings in the card to dual mode, can"t remember the name of it off the height of my head. Basically it requirements to be reconfigured to check out the access points radios as sepaprice signals, 2.4Ghz band also and also 5Ghz band.

Chad1642 wrote:

I"ve watched this take place freshly. Even though its in tool manager go ahead and have actually it unmounted from there then have device manager scan for new hardware alters. No reboot compelled and also it must start showing available WiFi netfunctions again.

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I saw this recommfinished elsewhere and also I tried this... but no luck unfortunately.

AceOfSpades wrote:

Is this on a slot on the motherboard(which brand also and model) or an include on card?

It"s on the motherboard I"ll need to obtain earlier with you on the model.

How old is your computer?Delete the driver and also have the correct existing driver handy.Make sure you use the manufacture driver and not Microsoft’s.If that doesn’t work-This is going to sound funny, yet try this. Turn off Your Bluetooth.Shutdown/Rebegin Make certain you have no immediately connect settings in play. And attempt to attach. Turn your Bluetooth ago onShutdown/rebootWorst instance, usage an inner wiremuch less card that have the right to perform 5ghz.

I"ve run into this before via 3160"s. for the life of me, I cant recall what I did, yet I"m fairly specific in the finish I did a full cycle of uninstalling, deleting the vehicle drivers, rerelocate from board, reboot, reinstall card, reinstall the intel Bluetooth vehicle drivers THEN the Intel Wifi chauffeurs - They are sepaprice packages, and also the bluetooth actually provides a USB interconfront internally, yet it still has actually an affect on the card.

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Ok, I tried turning off bluetooth. I unmounted the card and removed the motorists. Restarted and it would certainly reinstall appropriate ameans through I guess Windows referral chauffeurs. No luck. I installed motorists from Intel. No luck. At this suggest I guess the adapter is simply junk. I have the device running with a wireless bridge to affix to the network-related but I"ll see if some crazy voodoo brings the WiFi card back to life. Thanks everyone for the concepts.

Why not boot up a Live Linux Distro from a USB stick and also try your luck through that (no need to install to the HD). One choose Ubuntu will certainly probably have actually the chauffeurs built in. If that works then it is Windows and if it doesn"t that mirrors that is even more than likely the hardware.

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