Intel centrino wireless-n 2230 upgrade

It won"t remember the netoccupational upon reboot and the linked symbol no longer looks like a WIFI icon, its an ENET icon (no enet cable connected).

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I"ve unset up the network-related adapter from gadget manager. Rerelocated the drivers from WindowsSystem32Drivers
Rebooted and also it auto installs the default Windows 8.1 vehicle drivers for the device. - Same concern as over.
I tried the very same procedure over yet rather of rebooting and letting it install the default motorists I initially mounted the latest vehicle drivers from Intel
(packageWireless_16.5.3_De164) - file variation after install is which Intel suggests is correct. Rebooted COMPUTER - Issue continues.
I really do not know what else to carry out. It"s not my Router as this is an issue all over I go, and also my other gadgets (one more Windows 7 and 8 (not 8.1)) job-related fine. This was working fine after installing Windows 8.1 on launch day but two days ago this came to be the issue.
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Hi Martin,

I would certainly imply you to follow these methods and inspect if it helps.

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Method 1: Run the network-related troubleshooter to examine for any kind of Internet connectivity problems.

Open the Network-related troubleshooter by swiping in from the best edge of the display screen, tappingSearch (or if you"re using a mouse, pointing to the upper-appropriate edge of the display, moving the mouse guideline dvery own, and then clickingSearch), enteringnetoccupational troubleshooter in the search box, tapping or clickingSettings, and also then tapping or clickingIdentify and also repair network-related problems.

Method 2: Install the latest variation of BIOS updays from the manufacturer’s website and also inspect if it helps.

Note: Modifying BIOS/complementary steel oxide semiconductor (CMOS) settings mistakenly can cause major troubles that might prevent your computer from booting effectively. cannot guarantee that any problems resulting from the configuring of BIOS/CMOS settings can be resolved. Modifications of the settings are at your own hazard.

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You might also look for firmware upday of the rexternal and any other gadget associated to the network-related and also examine.