Install a program from the network

In Windows tbelow is a area under the Control Panel referred to as Get Programs and also Install a routine from the netjob-related (in Success 7 at least), possibly a slightly various name in Vista, yet it was tbelow also.

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The question is basically: How do you publish programs to that so users can go tbelow and also install?

Bonus follow up: Is it a good method to deploy optional programs? (Contrasted to using GPO"s.)

In Windows 7 you deserve to go to Control Panel, Programs, Programs and Features, and on the left hand menu: Install a routine from the network-related.



I"ve been trying to find the previous 30 minutes to discover the answer to your question and also it appears that there is not a single shred of documentation on installing a regimen from the netoccupational other than this ridiculously non-comprehensive page: http://home At initially I believed it would be publishing apps by means of GPO"s but this isn"t the instance.

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It would seem as if tbelow is a details method to "advertise" applications. That"s the term I keep finding. However, I cannot find any type of information beyond that. I"ll save looking.


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