I need permission from myself to delete a folder windows 10

I can"t delete a details folder in Windows 7. It"s not a system folder. It was produced by an application. I gain an error message "You require permission to percreate this activity. You need permission from Tony....". I am an admin and logged in as myself Tony. I have actually full ownership of the folder through full manage permission. I rebooted the machine. I eliminated the app which developed the folder. I am out of principles.

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Why is Windows 7 not letting me delete the folder?



I am not certain why this happens but tbelow is a workabout.

To take regulate of the folder containing the undeletable create a text file referred to as “delete.bat” and also include the following lines to it:

SET DIRECTORY_NAME="C:Locked Directory"TAKEOWN /f %DIRECTORY_NAME% /r /d yICACLS %DIRECTORY_NAME% /give administrators:F /tICACLS %DIRECTORY_NAME% /recollection /TPAUSEYou will certainly should change the magazine path to enhance your requirements e.g. “C:Locked Directory” to “C:Delete Me”.

Right click on the file “delete.bat” pick “Run As Administrator” and also you should currently have full control of the directory and also all sub directories definition you deserve to carry out what you wish with them.

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The just method wregarding delete files starting from the lowest level folder in that folder. I gained that error message through eextremely folder which had actually subfolders. I deleted all files/subfolders functioning my way up.


A folder have the right to dispermit a parent from overwriting its pergoals, so it stops working at a details depth.

Use Process Monitor and also filter for ACCESS DENIED events to number out this depth

Every time an ACCESS DENIED event occurs readjust the perobjectives as described by

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You deserve to usage Handle too watch what processes are opening records within your folder.

take care of C:PathToFolderYouAreTryingToDeleteExample: