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Top Log in or register to post comments Mon, 10262015 - 12:53 Permaattach kikis Offline Last seen: 3 years 6 months back Joined: 10102015 - 09:00 This ECU had produced 2001.

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Airflow-based tuning models simplify device installation and rate the tuning process by eliminating many of the setup demands crucial in previous generation ECUs.

The Infinity ECU is built approximately a 200MHz, 32-bit automotive processor and also Real Time Operating System (RTOS), which is capable of processing 400 million instructions per second.


It combines durable building with our prrange AEMTuner Software to deliver total engine manage.

AEMs Series 2 Plug Play EMS plugs directly right into a vehicles factory ECU harness and also calls for no added wiring or hardware.

Series 2 Programmable EMS AEMs EMS-4 Universal Standalone engine management device is designed for Powersporting activities and also 4-cylinder race vehicles.

This affordable, lightweight, compact and also effective mechanism features robust Series 2 EMS hardware in a weather and shock proof enclosure, with a 36-pin connector specifically designed to endure harsh racing settings.

The EMS-4 has every one of the attributes you require and also nopoint you dont (prefer AC, power locks, stereo, and so on.) for dedicated 4-cylinder racecars, motorcycles, quads, side by sides or various other race vehicles approximately four cylinders.

I have actually no clue what brand also the USBSerial adapter cable is (it came in the car) so I cant really go to a manufacturers website for the driver.

When I try to affix to the ECU it claims USB2.0-Ser driver not discovered.

I assumed maybe its simply a serialusb concern so I made a decision to work offline in AEMPro and then tried going to ECU Serial, however the cable is not provided in the dropdvery own.

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Im sure its a driver issue with Windows, yet Ive updated all the HP chauffeurs for this design and also even tried some 3rd party chauffeurs for USB to Serial adapters and also have obtained nowright here.

Im doing a gazillion Windows updays currently hoping for a miracle tomorrow.

Why is tright here not just a generic driver that AEM provides for all their ECUs Just to make sure Im not in error, I had the vehicle turned off and also no key in it.

I hear Windows execute the bell sound so it sees the cable is plugged in.

In regards to COM ports, I cant really carry out anything bereason I dont think the proper driver is mounted so I have the right to also obtain far sufficient to acknowledge which port needs switched for AEMs purposes.

Im so shed lol, any kind of help would certainly be awesome prior to my last few hairs acquire yanked out.

Top Log in or register to short article comments Fri, 10092015 - 08:29 Permaconnect AEMPT Offline Last seen: 3 months 3 weeks ago Joined: 05222014 - 08:13 Go to your local electronic devices Go to your neighborhood electronic devices keep and also pick up a Serial to USB cable that has a brand that you are able to find a driver for.


Ive read numerous write-ups on various forums through world all saying the exact same thing I am.

Im certain user error is possible also, yet I cant think an ECU manufacturer cant even administer a cable with a driver, or at leastern tell you brands that are known to work.

Back to looking.

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