Hp printer stuck in shutting down mode

My printer is stuck in a "shutting down" mode and also has actually been so for 2 days. This is the second time that this has taken place. I hope someone can aid through this. The power button flashes.

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HP Envy 5532: Printer mirrors offline

I have a HP Envy 5532, and was associated by wirelessand also successly operated fine however all of a sudden went "offline". The printer proved a wiremuch less link. I rebooted the PC and rexternal without result. I because then linked the printer straight to the computer via the USB port and I have the right to check out it in Device Manager, yet he continues to be firmly "offline ". Help!


Thanks for getting ago to me on this subject. I am pleased to hear that the USB connectivity problem has been reresolved. With regard to the problem of wiremuch less connectivity deserve to I please have actually you follow the actions below to examine if the computer system and the printer are "talk" on the netoccupational. Once that identify us if tright here is wireless I will guide you with the measures to solve the error "offline."

Tip 1: Remove the netoccupational copy:

Since the offline variation of the network printer is not printing at all, I"ll have you remove this copy.

Open your food selection Start by choosing the Windows symbol at the bottom left of your computer display screen or by picking the Windows vital bottom left of your key-board to the ideal of the Ctrl keyOn the begin screen, kind devices and also printersClick on tools and also printers to the startIn the printers and tools window, find your copy HP Envy 5532 e-all-in-one printer (network) . Right-click on the network your printer copy and choose "delete" or "remove an instrument."The just 5532 envy you desire to screen in this folder is the USB variation.Once the netjob-related copy has been deleted please close the devices folder and also printers

Step 2: Check of connectivity:

Then, I will be having actually you examine if your computer and also printer interact on the wiremuch less netjob-related.On the front panel of your HP Envy, tap the Setup (key) button at the optimal rightUnder the Setup food selection, touch Wireless optionTouch Wireless detailsTake note of The IP address and also the netoccupational name SSIDOn your computer system Windows 8.1 Please examine the wiremuch less network-related that you are connected to encertain that your computer and also the printer are linked to the exact same network-related. Avoid to affix to networks of comments. Also make certain that your printer and computer are associated to a network-related of 2 ghz. If you have actually a twin rexternal band it can broadactors link times 2 GHz and 5 GHz. Printers are not based upon relationships to 5 ghz. If you do not understand how to examine this, you might have to speak through your router manufacturer.When it was confirmed that your printer and also computer are on the exact same network-related, please open the internet web browser on your computerIn the deal with bar of please enter the printers IP attend to. Don"t incorporate not the www.Search this website. A Net site for your printer have to currently open. This is what we contact the incorporated webserver (EWS browser) printersOpens a Net site for your printer: This confirms that your printer and also your computer system interact effectively on the netjob-related. It is possible that the old copy of the printer on your computer network has actually a various IP address. If the IP deal with has changed on the printer, computer systems are designed to identify this adjust and also continue to work via your printer. However, in some cases computer systems will certainly not "see" the network printers even more. In this situation your printer will certainly remajor "offline" until the IP deal with under the software program has actually been updated. Please proceed to step 4 below.If a Net website for your printer does not open: This suggests that your printer and also computer system are not interacting. This may be due to your router blocks the interaction, or invalid wireless configuration. Please continue to step 3 below to solve this worry.

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Tip 3: Powercycle network:Start by unplugging the power cable to your routerOnce your router is unplugged, rotate your printer offThen, shut dvery own your computerAfter 30 seconds to 1 minute, reattach your routerThen, turn on your printerTurn on the computerAfter a few moments, please check your computer to make sure that your internet link is running aacquire. Try browsing a couple of sites. Once the internet is to answer it please access the food selection of configuration (key) on your printer aobtain. In the Wireless menu please check out wireless details and take note of the IP address. Once you have the IP attend to please attempt to accessibility the website of the printers on your computer system utilizing the IP attend to.If a Internet website for your printer now opens up correctly: That your printer and also your computer system connect wirelessly once more. Tbelow is likely an update ran on your netoccupational that temporarily blocked the printer. Please proceed to action 4 below.If a Internet site for your printer still stops working to open: Please check out the Setup menu (key) on the front panel of your printer. Depending on the configuration of the menu go to Wireless food selection. Select gain back default network settings in the wiremuch less Menu. Once the default network settings have actually been brought back, please go to the Wiremuch less Setup Wizard and also follow these steps to reconnumber your printer. Once you have actually an IP address on your printer try to access the site of printers aget. Should open a Web website now for your printer please proceed to action 4 listed below. If a Internet site still falls short to open up, please execute not proceed troubleshooting at the minute.Tip 4: Reconnumber the netjob-related connection:

On the desktop of your computer system, please click on the HP Envy printer Assistant symbol. It must look choose this:


2. once the software application HP opens up click utilities top

3. click the software program and the configuration of the printer

4. Select "affix a brand-new tool "

5 follow the prompts on the screen to install your printer on a network

Once your netjob-related printer is mounted properly, please attempt wiremuch less printing to inspect if the problem is now reresolved.

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Please reply to this message through the result of your troubleshooting. Good luck!


HP Envy 4502 print order

Just bought the 4502 desire and also I have a regime that is a large database and I want to print a report of last month. I would prefer to readjust the printing order to print last page initially. I usage Windows 7. In the previous I might change the print order in the preferences, and currently I can not. Or I forobtained somepoint.