Hp network re-discovery port monitor

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HP Officejet 6600>Solve a problem>Solve wiremuch less problems>State-of-the-art wiremuch less troubleshooting>Step 5: Make certain the wireless version of the printer is set as the default printer driver (Windows

HP Officejet 6600 - Tip 5: Make certain the wiremuch less variation of the printer is set as the default printer driver (Windows

Tip 5: Make certain the wiremuch less version of the printer is set as the default printerdriver (Windows only)If you install the HP software aobtain, the installer can develop a second version of theprinter driver in your Printers or Printers and Faxes or Devices and Printers folder. Ifyou have difficulties printing or connecting to the printer, make certain the correct versionof the printer driver is collection as the default.1.

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Click Start, and then click Printers or Printers and Faxes or Devices andPrinters.- Or -Click Start, click Control Panel, and also then double-click Printers.2.Determine if the variation of the printer driver in the Printers or Printers andFaxes or Devices and Printers folder is associated wirelessly:a.Right-click the printer symbol, and then click Properties, Document Defaults,or Printing Preferences.

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b.On the Ports tab, look for a port in the list with a checkmark. The version ofthe printer driver that is connected wirelessly has actually HP network re-discoveryport monitor as the Port description, beside the checknote.3.Right-click the printer symbol for the version of the printer driver that is connectedwirelessly, and also pick Set as Default Printer.

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NOTE: If tbelow is even more than one symbol in the folder for the printer, right-click theprinter icon for the version of the printer driver that is linked wirelessly, andchoose Set as Default Printer.

HP Officejet 6600 > Tip 5: Make certain the wireless variation of the printer is collection as the default printer driver (Windows

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