Hp laptop mute button light not working

It"s rare to come throughout a mute switch light not working on an HP lappeak. If you face this obstacle, you should know there"s nothing wrong via your computer system. However, you could have some concerns with your audio driver.

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In this short article, you will everything there is to know about your mute button not working and the procedures you have to take to settle it.

Hp Lapoptimal Mute Button Stuck On Orange


Regardless of your mute switch light not functioning, you will certainly notification that the mute switch functions just fine.

You can still use your mute button to revolve off the volume entirely without any kind of problem. The only trouble is that the indicator light on the mute switch will not display screen.

This reflects that there"s absolutely nothing wrong through your HP lapoptimal or keyboard. However, you could have problems via your vehicle drivers.

Your driver is a component that is responsible for the communication between your HP lappeak and also tools associated to it.

Many human being think the indicator light on their mute switch has actually gone poor, which isn"t the instance.

Your indicator light have the right to only go negative when you spill any liquid on the key-board.

More tricks on your key-board will certainly sheight functioning, forcing you to relocation your key-board in that sort of case.


These are the factors why your mute light isn"t functioning on your HP computer:

Audio driver

Your audio driver is the main factor why your mute button indicator light isn"t working.

Three possibilities could occur to your audio, and also they are as follows:

The audio driver is corrupted – Your audio driver have the right to gain corrupted as soon as your computer system runs into a mechanism error favor a blue screen or black display. The device error has actually currently done the damage, and just by resetting your computer system will it be brought back to normal.Incorrect installation – An incorrect installation have the right to happen when your computer randomly goes off while Windows update is energetic. This typically happens on Windows 10, and also that is why you get a warning that you shouldn"t unplug or rotate off your pc while an update is in progression.A generic driver was installed on your computer – A generic driver is simply a simple driver via boundaries, and also it can not occupational like the main driver dedicated for your lapoptimal.

Hp Lapheight Caps Lock Blinking Continuously

Windows update

Windows upday is also among the reasons for the indicator light on your mute button not displaying any type of shade.

An interesting fact is that most HP individuals uncovered that their mute button light stopped functioning after a Windows upday.

This is because as soon as Windows is updating your computer, it reinserted your sound driver through a generic driver.

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As I pointed out previously, a generic driver won"t occupational as the main driver would.

Hp Lapheight Shuts Off Randomly On Battery Power


To gain your HP mute switch light working, follow these instructions orderly:

1. Uninstall Audio driver

1. Right-click on the begin menu.

2. Click on gadget manager.

3. Inside the gadget manager, click sound, video and also game controllers.

4. Right-click on Realtek Audio.

5. Select uninstall inside alternative.

6. Check the box for delete the driver software program for this tool and then select uninstall.

How To Screenshot On HP Laptop

2. Download and Install the main driver From HP

1. Visit HP"s official website to downpack your audio driver.

2. Type on your serial number or lapheight design to find your device.

4. Install it on your laptop after downloading.

5. Rebegin your computer.

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3. Update your computer

By updating your computer system, you will certainly reduce the possibility of running right into widespread errors prefer this one.

I wouldn"t desire you to upday your computer with Windows update bereason we don"t desire Windows to rearea your original driver through a generic one.

What you need to perform is download all the chauffeurs one after the other from the HP Official webwebsite and also then install it on your computer.

When you are done installing all the drivers, you must rebegin your computer system.

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Keep in mind – You do not have to download all the drivers; downpack only the chauffeurs you require.