How to use shadowplay without geforce experience

This overview is for older versions of NVIDIA GeForce Experience before version 3.0 for a newer version overview, examine this updated post on HOW TO ENABLE NVIDIA SHADOWPLAY ON UNSUPPORTED SYSTEMS.

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Have you ever before missed the chance to show your friends some awesome stunt that you pulled in MotoX GP or some epic head-shot in Battlefield 4? Why not use some display screen recording application to document your Gaming skills and cherish them later on or even broadcast it to the world? One of the many prevalent and famous software program for this task is FRAPS, followed by Bandicam and other expert and innovative screen recorders which gain their task done. But, there’s a catch, the majority of of these apps eat up a significant percentage of your frame rate and also periodically also mitigate the quality of the taped video (on peak of that, they conserve files through idiotically huge file size) making it a pain to usage them on the low end to lower-mid finish PC gaming units. Solution: NVIDIA to the rescue.

The Good

After a long time of utilizing in-game video recording software application favor fraps, hyperelectronic camera and also bandicam which did their work fine apart from slashing dvery own an extensive amount of frame price one gets while recording, NVIDIA, transformed the method it’s meant to be tape-recorded. They included ShadowPlay in the GeForce Experience bundle which was obtainable after updating the motorists and also GFE suite. They provided the integrated H.264 encoder on the GPU die to take care of the recording stuff and also prevented the gaming sectors of the GPU to obtain burdened by the recording overheads. In brief and also in simplest terms, they used the part of the GPU which was vestigial while gaming and assigned the job of recording to that component. Kudos!

Yes, you deserve to document as much as last 20 min of your gameplay that you’ve missed. Dope.The Bad

NVIDIA did a remarkably excellent task by making ShadowPlay available to eincredibly GeForce user and that also for free, but, right here comes the sad part. There were certain requirements to use ShadowPlay on your rig. First one is very reasonable that your GPU should have actually a built-in H.264 encoder which is current in Kepler based cards and also later on. Apart from this sensible reason, NVIDIA then disabled the assistance for ShadowPlay on Notebook GPUs (Which pissed me off) but after certain updays, it was exclusively obtainable for GTX series NVIDIA mobile GPUs and those GPUs which fell in the GT series were forbidden to use this epic piece of software application.

Here Comes the Ugly

For some reason (which I really don’t have any idea about) my GeForce GT755M GPU on my Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p notebook didn’t have actually ShadowPlay assistance, which once asked why this was done in forums revealed that just “GTX” series Kepler mobile GPUs had this function. This disappointed me considering that my GT755M had a much better percreating GK107 core which powers the same GTX 660M and the last had actually ShadowPlay support. After googling about just how to clearly usage ShadowPlay on your portable system. I discovered out a pretty easy trick and also therefore made a decision to share it through you men.


Note: This method is tried by myself and is functioning however has particular requirements like:

Your mobile GPU should be based upon a Kepler graphics core (And obviously it need to be from NVIDIA lol).GeForce Experience version must be 1.8 or higher.

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NVIDIA ForceWare drivers must be at leastern 335.23 WHQL. (Though a little older drivers are supported yet this version is the leastern I’d recommend)Tip One

Open the area where GeForce Experience is set up on your COMPUTER. I had it set up from the incredibly start therefore the default path is presented in the pic.


Right-click on the GFExperience application launcher and also produce a shortreduced on your desktop computer.

Step Two

Right click the freshly produced desktop computer shortcut of GFExperience and also then choose properties.


In the Tarobtain box, the connect to the application to be opened as soon as you click the shortreduced is written. Now, below comes the most crucial component. And make sure you follow eextremely instruction.

Step Three


Add this to the tarobtain “ –shadowplay” Now, make sure you offer a space and also then punch a hyphen and also then type shadowplay. (Exclude the quotes). Here’s a pic to intricate this step.

You can additionally rename the shortreduced prefer I did, just for convenience.

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Step Four

Now click on Apply then OK and then double click the very same shortreduced and Voila! Shadowplay starts.



You can watch the ShadowPlay on/off button, the mode switch, Shadowtime (Only in Shadow mode/Shadow+manual), the quality to save in check the video dimension and then the audio options. Further settings can be accessed from settings button (tiny bit equipment button listed below on/off switch) Set the preferences according to your taste, launch a game and obtain going what are you waiting for?