How to use lacie hard drive

Follow the setup procedures in the order they are offered to encertain that your tough drive"s volume mounts appropriately on your computer system.

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STEP 1 - Connect the USB cable

Before connecting Rugged USB-C, confirm the USB port on your computer system. Your device is shipped via two cables (watch Cables and also Connectors):

USB-C: usage this cable if your computer has actually a USB-C port. USB-C–to–USB Type A (USB 3.0/USB 2.0): usage this cable if your computer system does not have actually a USB-C port.

Connect the cable to the USB-C port on Rugged USB-C and a USB port on your computer system.

The photo listed below reflects a link to a computer system through a USB-C port.
The picture below mirrors a link to a computer through a USB 3.0/2.0 Type A port.

Note: If the drive does not mount on your computer system, view troubleshooting topics in the Frequently asked concerns area to help settle widespread worries.

STEP 2 - Setup Assistant Setup Assistant have to be released prior to using your drive. It will certainly allow you to:

Easily format the hard drive according to your requirements.Register your gadget.Copy the user hands-on to the hard drive.Install software program for added attributes.
Important info: If you perform not launch Setup Assistant or if you quit Setup Assistant after the formatting has actually begun, your drive will not be prepared to use and will call for hands-on formatting. Additionally, the user manual and also utilities will certainly not be obtainable and need to be downloaded from the customer assistance.

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Launch Setup Assistant - Mac

Open the SETUP volume on your desktop computer and also then double click Setup.


Launch Setup Assistant - Windows

AutoPlay: Windows AutoPlay might detect your difficult drive as quickly as it is linked to your computer. If the AutoPlay home window shows up, pick Open folder to see papers using Windows Explorer and also double-click Setup.


Manual access: open up the SETUP volume in a Windows Explorer windowand also double-click Setup.

* Setup Assistant steps

Follow the steps below to format your device for your operating mechanism. Setup Assistant guides you with formatting and also registering your difficult drive as well as installing software utilities.

You can additionally use your system"s aboriginal disk utility routine to format or partition your drive. If you usage the disk utility, you can downpack software utilities and the user manual from customer assistance.

Important details for Mac users: You may be prompted to enter your computer system password to continue through Setup Assistant.
Important info for Windows users: While running Setup Assistant, generic pop-up home windows may ask if you wish to adjust your computer"s settings. This is a normal repursuit when formatting a tough drive or installing software program. To effectively complete Setup Assistant, please agree to adjust the settings.
Select your language.Read the license agreement before choosing Next. Selecting Next confirms that you accept the license agreement.Use the slider to partition your hard drive. Tbelow are two alternatives for Share: formatted as FAT32 for compatibility with Windows and also Mac.

See more: Solved: Input Signal Out Of Range Signal Dell Monitor, Out Of Range Signal In A Dell 2007Fp Monitor formatted for your operating system, NTFS for Windows or HFS+ for Mac.Move the slider to the left to minimize the dimension of the Share partition. If you carry out not desire the Share volume, relocate the slider all the way to the left.A prompt cautions you that the disk will certainly be formatted. Select Yes to proceed. Setup Assistant styles the tough drive.Register your device.Choose the software utilities that you want to install. Certain software application utilities might start to install prior to Setup Assistant has actually finimelted. Follow the software application utility installer prior to completing Setup Assistant. If you execute not install software program utilities throughout this action, you can return to Setup Assistant at any kind of Setup Assistant gives a review of the installation. Choose Finish to close the regimen.

To install software program utilities after the initial installation, you deserve to run Setup Assistant aacquire. Because the format is complete you are just prompted to select software application utilities. Setup Assistant is obtainable on: