How to unhide calendar in google calendar

Several Google Calendar customers are asking about how to delete their calendars. Users have the right to easily create a calendar by simply clicking the calendar button, yet they are not sure how to delete the calendar. Some calendars are for a details time or specific work, when it’s completed a user would desire to delete that calendar from their Google Calendar. In this write-up, we will tell you just how to delete, hide, and also unsubscribe from a calendar.

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Google Calendar

What is Google Calendar?

Google Calendar is a scheduling calendar just prefer a normal calendar and it is developed by Google. Users have the right to create and also edit events making use of this calendar. This digital calendar deserve to be used to share events and reminders via various other customers such as colleagues, friends, and family. It has some default calendars for Birthdays, Your account calendar, and holidays in your country that you cannot delete. However, if you created any calendar on Google Calendar, then tbelow are multiple techniques wbelow you can delete or hide calendars.

How to Temporary Delete Google Calendar from the List?

This is a technique for temporarily removing one of the calendars from the list. Removing this will not present all the conserved events in your main calendar watch. You can perform this by following the listed below steps:

You have the right to hover your cursor over the name of the calendar and also click on the food selection icon. Then you can choose the Hide from list choice. Note: This will certainly hide the calendar from the list and also you won’t have the ability to check out it again unless you unhide it from settings.
Hiding calendar from the listTo gain it earlier on the list, you should click on the settings icon and also select Settings from the list.
Opening Google Calendar SettingsClick the eye icon in front of your calendar and it will be aget accessible in the list.
Unhiding the calendar

How to Delete/Unsubscribe Google Calendar Permanently?

You can delete the calendars that you have created in Google Calendar. Deleting the calendar will certainly delete all the events for both you and also the user you were sharing via. You have the right to additionally unsubscribe from that calendar or someone else’s calendar that you deserve to check out. Unsubscribing a calendar will certainly just remove the calendar and also its occasions for you only.

Click the Settings icon on the height appropriate edge and also choose Settings to open the Google Calendar settings.

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Opening Google Calendar SettingsClick on the calendar that you desire to delete from your list and also choose Rerelocate Calendar.The web page will scroll dvery own to the bottom and you will certainly uncover two options for deleting and unsubscribing. Click on the Delete button.
Deleting the calendar

Note: Deleting will entirely delete the calendar for both you and also others that you are sharing with and unsubscribing will certainly just rerelocate the calendar for you and also not others.

How to Hide/Unhide Calendar in Google Calendar?

Sometimes you just desire to hide a calendar for a details time. When you open up Google Calendar, all the calendars are ticked and eexceptionally event, schedule accessible in these calendars will certainly display on the calendar page. You deserve to conveniently hide the calendar by following the below steps:

On the left panel, you will certainly find the list of your calendars. Just click the one that you desire to hide from the major calendar. Note: This will certainly hide the calendar temporarily.
Hiding the CalendarYou can unhide it by sindicate clicking it back aacquire.
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How to Delete / Unsubscribe / Hide a Google Calendar?

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