How to turn on microphone on msi laptop

Some conmessage, this laptop has actually a two audio jacks, one for sound and also one for a microphone. In the previous, once i plugged my headcollection in the sound jack i would certainly have the ability to hear properly and the microphone would certainly additionally be functioning with the sound jack. Now, whenever i plug it in the sound goes via the speakers and my headcollection at the very same time and only goes over to only the headcollection after i twist it a bit. In addition, the sound jack randomly stopped picking up my microphone and currently my lapoptimal microphone doesnt work either.

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Does anyone have actually a clue on how to solve this?

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Brett Johnchild

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Go to “Sound” on your lappeak. You can do this by best clicking the bit sound symbol on the bottom right of your laptop. Once you ideal clicked on it, go to recordings.

In “Sound” go to the tab “recordings” on the height, look at all the gadgets.

I don’t understand what yours might be dubbed.

That is a picture of what it may look favor. Once you discover the microphone you are trying to usage. Right click on it and also make sure it’s collection as default, and permitted. Disable the other ones you are not utilizing (I recommend) and go earlier to it if you require the others permitted.

The reality you have to twist the cord to acquire audio with the jack, tells me the headcollection you are trying to use is not exceptionally practical. Please attempt what I argued and check out if the lapheight microphone works aacquire then we can obtain to the other things.

PS. Specify what sort of headcollection you have…. “earbuds”…. “cheap headset”….etc etc

Multiple headsets have the very same problem? ,Or simply that one?

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So, i"ve tried to obtain the laptop mic to occupational yet i couldnt, likewise i forgained to mention yesterday as soon as i tried to usage press to talk in a game with my lapheight mic and also it functioned for a 2nd yet then it stopped functioning aobtain.

My headset is a pair months old hyperx cloud revolver S so i really do not think its faulty considering that my earbuds and also old headcollection have the same trouble.

Here"s what my sound manager looks like; the microphone must be on. Whenever revolve off the microphone and also revolve on stereo mix the microphone test and discord carry out pick up my lapoptimal audio.

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Thanks for the help!


Ok so on the headset now, as you need that working right?

Looking it up, did it come with an USB converter? Your laptop"s sound card might suck.

Plugging the headset right into the USB adapter may fix the issue as it will certainly then use that sound card instead of your laptops.

(3.55mm jack to USB to Lapoptimal.)

If you do not have that, then you have the right to also attempt buying this

That will separation the cable, so you have the right to use the mic and headcollection separately and also even more properly. Then you would just go to "Sound" and also repeat the procedure through it.

yeah actually it did come via one of those i think, that can actually be my saviour considering that i wouldnt need to usage the laptop jacks but i"m 99% it"s in my various other home right currently so i"ll gain ago to you on sunday as soon as i acquire tright here.


Ok, I"ll see ya then.

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Well, i provided the USB cable and also everything is functioning. Apparently i never before also supplied the surround sound function?? %#*
i feel stupid, many thanks for the assist bro.

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