How to turn off smart pause

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Wouldn"t it be cool if your smart phone can know that your eyes are addressed on it while presently watching your favorite movie, and immediately pause it if it detects that your emphasis has shifted? Typically, you would certainly carry out a hands-on pausage or probably a rewind on the part that you missed. Samsung Galaxy S4 has actually a feature referred to as Samsung Smart Pausage that almost does that. It automatically pasupplies the video you are watching and automatically resumes the playback once you look back at the display. To use this feature, follow the directions below.

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Turning On Samsung Smart Pause

Turning off Samsung Smart Pause

To Use Smart View

While playing the video, simply look away from the screen.
The sensor must detect it and it will automatically pause video playago.
Look at the display aget.
The sensor need to detect it and also it will instantly resume video playago.


If Smart Pausage is not working for you, attempt these troubleshooting tips:

Any various other reasons smart pausage can not work?

If Smart Pausage is still not functioning for you:

Tips Tricks & Warnings

Make certain that your sensors are complimentary from dust and also impurities for it to appropriately work
Make certain that Smart Pause is turned on or else it will certainly not job-related.

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Sufficient lighting is required for your phone"s sensor to check out your eyes. If you are in a dark setting, Samsung Smart Pause may not work successfully.
To conserve battery, once you are not utilizing this function, turn Samsung Smart Pause off.

Questions and also Answers

I apply all the settings on my Galaxy S4 however my smart pause is not functioning at all?

I simply open up the settings and also tick on the alternative to revolve ON my smart pause yet it is not working

Turning on Smart Pause for your Samsung Galaxy S4 is just part of what you should execute. Once it is turned on and also triggered, you must pick a video, and then look at the video till you watch the green "eye" symbol fill up, which suggests that the phone is now conscious of your eyes watching the video. Then, as soon as you look away, it will certainly pausage.

Things that can cause this not to occupational are being in a space that is too bappropriate, or looking away prior to Smart Pausage has fully known your eyes on the display screen.

Samsung Galaxy S5 must revolve off smart pause can not word it any better?

Need to turn off smart pausage in my Samsung Galaxy S5 please . Assistance please? QnA. This area is not written yet. Want to sign up with in? Click EDIT to compose this answer.

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