How to turn off slow charging notification

With the USB C port coming to be even more and also more widespread throughout gadgets, tright here are some gadgets out tright here that assistance charging over this port. If the charging speed by means of this USB cable slower then what you would certainly get in a consistent wall outlet, you get sluggish charging notification which educates you around the same.

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However, if you have actually no various other alternative of charging your tool, the low power notification have the right to quickly come to be exceptionally annoying. Here I shall discuss how to disable sluggish charging notification on Windows 10.


1 How To Turn Off Slow Charging Notification

How To Turn Off Slow Charging Notification

You deserve to see the slow charging notification if your tool does not acquire enough power to charge the gadget. You might view this if the charger you are making use of is not able to supply ample power, or you are using a charger incompatible through your Windows 10 tool.

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Do note that making use of an incompatible charger for a lengthy period of time might finish up damaging your device. However before, if you do not have various other Chargers easily accessible, or a wall surface outlet that outputs more power, you can disable the battery charging Windows 10 notice for the time being. Let us talk about exactly how you can execute so quickly.

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Method 1: Use The Setups App

The Windows 10 settings app is currently a hub for all the configuration alters you can make to your tool. You have the right to likewise change notifications from this app. Let us take a look at how you have the right to turn off the slow-moving charging notification:

Open the Windows settings app. You deserve to usage the keyboard shortcut Victory + I.Go to the Devices area.From the left pane food selection, Click to go to the USB area.In the right pane, uncheck the box alongside the adhering to option:Notify me if my PC is charging progressively over USB

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