How to turn off skype autocorrect

These docs claim I need to disable spell-checking in the Windows settings. I did so:


I have actually rebooted a number of times considering that, yet it does not show up to have actually any kind of result on Skype:


(Keep in mind that Brief happens to be a German noun (always capitalized), and also so is (through much goodwill) Errors.)

Even if the above is the (dysfunctional) official means, is tbelow any inmain way such as tweaking some regisattempt settings?

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This solution does not seem applicable to Skype for Windows yet in situation of older Skype application (that you deserve to also install on Windows 10) spellinspect would be here:

Tools/Options/IM and SMS/(uncheck) "Auto correct and also highlight misspelled words"

You may need to examine "present advanced settings" somewright here alengthy the means.

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In the new Skype tbelow is currently no user switch. But you can go to:

C:Program Files (x86)MicrosoftSkype for Desktop esourcesapp.asar.unpacked ode_modules
paulcbettsspellcheckeruildReleaseand also rename tbelow the spellchecker.node file to something like disable__spellchecker.node__disable.

You watching: How to turn off skype autocorrect

Then rebegin the Skype and also the auto correction attribute will be disabled.

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note: This solve might be have to be used aobtain after update.

See more: Computer Shutdown During Windows 10 Update, Windows Shut Down During An Update

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