How to turn off secure dns in avast

Disable Avast's "Real Site" establishing because it deserve to override any kind of custom DNS servers you use.

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I spent three weeks trying to gain Dnsmasq to forward/restraight a doprimary on my netjob-related. It wasn't working and I was out of principles on exactly how to settle this. I was about to offer up however checked if Asubstantial was somehow messing via my DNS. It was, and also the setting/attribute "Real Site" was the culprit.

Alarge Antivirus has actually a attribute dubbed "Real Site" where they silently pressure your computer system to use their DNS servers to safeguard you against DNS hijacking. This overrides any kind of practice DNS servers you have actually.

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Disabling this addressed this. Go to Protection -> Real Site and also disable it "Indefinitely".

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Here's even more indevelopment on Real Site and how it works. From that FAQ:

"Eexceptionally time you enter the URL (address) of a website, such as, into the resolve bar of your web browser, the URL is analyzed to the IP attend to (Net Protocol address) of the internet server where the web web page that you desire to access is stored. Real Site provides an encrypted connection between your web web browser and Avast's very own DNS server to proccasion hijacking. In various other words, Real Site ensures that the shown webwebsite is the authentic one."

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2 years ago

Cool, I didn’t recognize it encrypted the DNS website traffic. Take that, DNS hijackers and also totalitarian regimes