How to turn off avast sandbox

Sandbox is a virtualization tool in Alarge Premium Security and Omni that enables you to browse the internet or run applications in a digital, safe atmosphere that is entirely isolated from the rest of your PC's device. This function is valuable once you want to run suspicious or untrusted applications without hazard.

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Run applications in Sandbox

You can run an application in Sandbox utilizing the Windows conmessage menu or by means of the Sandbox display screen in your Asubstantial Antivirus.

Locate the .exe file of the application you want to run. Right-click the application symbol and also select Run in sandbox from the conmessage menu.

Click Run App in Sandbox.
Select the application file (.exe) and click Open.

The application opens in a virtualized window suggested by a colored border and the label Asubstantial Sandbox. To finish the virtualized session, click the X symbol in the top-appropriate edge of the window to cshed the app.

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Specify automatic Sandbox applications

You have the right to erected certain applications to always run in Sandbox. This have the right to be done utilizing the Windows conmessage food selection or by means of the Sandbox screen in Alarge Antivirus.

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Locate the .exe file of the application you desire to constantly run in Sandbox. Right-click the application icon and also pick Almethods run in sandbox from the context menu.

Click + Add App.
Select an app making use of either of the techniques below: Click an application in the list to instantly add it. Click Select App Path, then choose the application and click Open.
Your schosen application is included. Click the X in the top-best corner of the display to return to the Sandbox settings display screen.

Manage Sandbox settings

To accessibility Sandbox settings, click the

Settings symbol in the top-best of the Sandbox display screen, or go to ☰ Menu ▸ Settings ▸ Protection ▸ Sandbox.

The following alternatives are allowed by default. To disable a setting, untick package next to the appropriate option:

Show Ahuge Sandbox in the Windows context menu: Allows you to right-click an application icon and choose Run in sandbox. Disabling this alternative removes the Sandbox regulates from the Windows conmessage food selection. Allow all virtualized applications to access the internet: Allows applications running in Sandbox to access the internet. Disabling this option stops applications from accessing the internet in Sandbox. Save trusted downloaded files outside the sandbox: When using a internet web browser in Sandbox, files that you downfill are saved to your PC, outside of the Sandbox setting. When allowed, this choice permits you to store the downloaded files after cshedding the Sandbox window. Disabling this alternative results in downloaded papers being automatically deleted as soon as you close the Sandbox session.

For information about advanced Sandbox settings, describe the complying with article:

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