How to test laptop motherboard with multimeter

I search in google, i uncovered nopoint about "motherboard inspect via a multimeter" tbelow are only training videos in india about that. I desire to find the broken fusage or capacitor or ship through this multimeter, and also than to rearea it. I know that tbelow on the web are schematics for motherboards yet i dont understand it. i hope some have actually a tutorial about that. sorry my english. Thanks.

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nekko, to diagnose your motherboard, you will certainly certainly have the schematic. It is possible you could find a bad capacitor by percreating a visual inspection. A blvery own capacitor will certainly have actually a bulging peak or some sticky liquid on the bottom. Your multimeter will have to have actually impedance measurement capabilities to meacertain the capacitors. To measure the IC"s you will certainly have to have the data sheet to determine the values as well as measurement points. As for tutorials, tright here are some good ones, yet never before anything really particular. That is somepoint that requirements to be learned. Good Luck.

I will certainly attempt to learn it, thank you oldturkey03. I hope someone have actually a tutorial around that, here is an example however to short and not a lot informations

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chpdude706 those ebooks are not specific to motherboard however are around experimentation electronic components etc.

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Hi oldturkey03, I am a all myself kinda person and also would certainly prefer to ask if you can provide me save and share rights to view your guides. I require a far better expertise on making use of my multimeter for a multitude of things. And I am not all set to throw in the towel, as soon as it pertains to this motherboard. I think tbelow is a negative connection at the display screen, or at the CMOS, but we will certainly check out.

nekko will certainly be eternally grateful.

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