How to tell which drive you are booting from

I have actually 2 precise copies of Windows 10, one on drive C: and one on drive D:. These are two interior drives in the same lapoptimal.

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How can I know which Windows is running?

How have the right to I select the one to launch throughout boot?


The drive letters like C: are only assigned during Runtime of a Windows installation, so they will certainly commonly be both C: for both your installations.

Open an elevated cmd.exe or Powershell.exe (as Administrator), then type:

diskpartafter a minute, type:

list volumeYou gain something like this:

Volume ### Ltr Label Fs Type Size Status Info ---------- --- ----------- ----- ---------- ------- --------- -------- Volume 1 WinBOOT FAT32 Partition 350 MB Healthy System Volume 2 D Win1 NTFS Partition 31 GB Healthy Volume 3 C Win2 NTFS Partition 33 GB Healthy Boot Volume 4 S Data NTFS Partition 380 GB HealthyIn this case you have the right to watch that the Windows on Volume 3 is currently running, there is one more one on Volume 2, Boot in the Info column on the much right indicates that this is the present Windows Drive.

you have the right to view the same by open Disk Management:

diskmgmt.mscand also look for Boot in the Status column of quantities.

When establishing up a double boot Windows you have to use descriptive names for each boot entry.

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Tright here are a few methods, and also I"ll mention the quickest means that come right into my mind.

Open Run dialog (Winkey+R) and also kind the listed below command and also Go into, it"ll open your current Windows installation directory

%windir%Open Task manager and also choose a mechanism process (somepoint prefer svcorganize.exe or winlogon.exe) in Details/Processes tab. Right click that and you deserve to view Open File Location, which will also open up your home windows directory.

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Some various other ways

Open the run dialog via Win+R, kind then Go into. That"ll display your Windows drive. (Tip: running . will display your residence folder and also .. will present your users folder)Open start food selection, type "mechanism info" and also open System Information. You"ll view the Windows Directory under System SummaryOpen start food selection, form "disk management" or push Win+R > diskmgmt.msc > Enter. That"ll list all the drives in your COMPUTER. The mechanism drive will be detailed via the Boot flag, a lot of most likely along with "Crash Dump" and also "Page File"

That said, nowadays Windows regularly shows its system drive constantly as C: regardless of its device volume place in a drive, so a drive label or tool name is more beneficial than a drive letter

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Open CMD an Type in wmic OS GET SystemDrive /VALUE

This Will Return System Drive Letter.

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Press Windows+R to carry up the Run command also box.

Type in the command msconfig and press Go into,

This will certainly lug up mechanism configuration settings. Click on the "Boot" tab.

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Tbelow are many kind of choices to do as others users told

A easiest choice I usage to determine OS in drive in multi boot is to right click the Windows start food selection and also click check out and also the profile directory opens for the user and I gained to understand the drive letter from which I booted the OS

I have actually 2 Windows 10, 2 Windows 7 and 3 Windows XP installed and modified boot menu and categorised it and called it prefer Windows 10 for C drive (study), Windows 10 for D drive (games), Windows 10 for e drive (banking), Windows 10 for f drive (downloading)

You have the right to modify boot menu through the following way

Secondly I run CMD which to opens in the default brochure device brochure wbelow windows installed

Thirdly as told by other individuals following ways and regulates and also variables to know it

diskmgmt.msc%windir%3. echo %systemroot%wmic OS GET SystemDrive /VALUE
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