How to switch left and right speakers

I must store my speakers on the wrong side of my monitor, is tright here some software that can switch the left and right channels?

It"s just a pair cheap, plain artistic desktop computer speakers and ac97 audio. The speaker marked "right" is placed on the left side of the monitor and "left" on the best, and also they cant be inserted in any type of various other way.

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Reverse the jacks on the sub that the sats plug into...Tright here is no left or appropriate speaker, it just counts what signal they obtain. So, if you send the speaker noted "left" the "right" signal by plugging the "left speaker" jack right into the "ideal speaker" jack on the sub, whatever must be fine.

that just works if it actually uses sepaprice jacks for left and also right..My guess is that it supplies on big DIN plug for both drivers

I was in search of a reverse stereo setting too, but there is none. Switching cables cannot be done either. I simply wish tright here was a regimen out tbelow that might reverse the stereo?

This is a large kludge, but you might usage a stereo mini to dual RCA patch cable, and also use RCAs to "flip" the signal, run them into another mini to RCA converter, yet execute it backwards.Tbelow must be an extra elegant way to do it though.

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That"s what I was reasoning of when I asked how they"re linked. If it"s a digital feed, of course, that does not apply.

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