How to stop plex media server

Plex Media Server is renowned for a liquid and also intuitive user endure, so you could be a tiny surprised if you are wondering exactly just how to rebegin your server. Don"t worry, we have what you need.

Where"s the restart button *

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If you are a consistent Plex user, you are supplied to communicating through your Plex Media Server by means of the graphi interfacethat Net - the place wright here you deserve to regulate all kinds of tasks like setting up remote accessibility , sharing your library through friends and optimizing your media , among various other program jobs and enhancements.

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Although You Can execute practically anypoint from the Plex interchallenge, you might have noticed one thing: there is no button reset. No button, no toggle, no link, not a single referral to start, stop or restart the Plex Media Server which deserve to be discovered almost everywhere in one of the mechanism menus.

As confutilizing as it may seem at initially glance, it"s actually a smart way to keep the server stable: you have the right to just restart Plex Media Server while you"re sitting on the computer system on which it functions, bereason cis the just method to make certain you have the right to rotate it back on. If you access your Plex installation through the Internet GUI away from home (such as on a service trip) and you accidentally shut it down, the server is shut dvery own till you return at home to rebegin it.

How to restart your Plex media server

So, if you cannot restart it from the internet regulate panel, just how carry out you proceed? The means you rebegin Plex Media Server varies greatly relying on the system you are running, from kludgy to useful. On Windows and also macOS, tbelow is no dedicated restart attribute, and you sindicate quit the application and also rebegin it.

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Look for the Plex symbol in the Windows mechanism tray (or the macOS menu bar).


Select " Quit " to speak the server safely.


Relaunch the application as you commonly would certainly utilizing a shortcut in your Start food selection, Dock or comparable to launch it.

If you are running Plex Media Server on a Unix-favor platform such as Linux or FreeBSD, you will begin, stop and also rebegin your Plex Media Server from the command line. The adhering to explicit regulates trigger each event:

company plexmediaserver start business plexmediaserver soptimal service plexmediaserver rebegin

The command-based approach is much more flexible bereason it permits you, if you want it,, to configure a cron project to schedule your server to start, soptimal, or rebegin.

If you are running Plex Media Server on one like a Synology NAS, you will certainly typically find a location in the dashboard of the appliance itself (not the GUIPlex) to rebegin the Plex application. Synology, for example, has a "package manager on their tools and also you have the right to usage the" Action food selection for individual packperiods to start and also stop them, as presented below.


Because the majority of storage appliances run a NIX form under their GUI, you have the right to frequently connumber a cron form job: below is an instance from Forum Synology wbelow someone provided the job scheduler constructed into the gadget to arrangement a start / speak sequence for rebegin your Plex Media Server on a schedule.

With the mystery of the absent restart switch solved, you"ll know wbelow to look the next time you should restart your Plex Media Server.