How to stop firefox from opening new tabs when clicking a link

An awkward bug via Firefox is that it at times, the web browser repetitively opens empty tabs or home windows out of the blue. If it happens excessively, you might must close and restart Firefox, however, in instance you reclaim the previous session, all those empty tabs reopen up aget. So let us see exactly how you have the right to soptimal Firefox from opening new tabs when clicking a link.

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Speak Firefox from opening new tabs

The reason of this bug is that the user might have actually favored Firefox as the default program for specific actions choose opening applications or emails as a result of a procedure in the system. Even if that process (eg. a third-party application) is running in the background, it can create Firefox tabs or windows to open.While we can always close the redundant tabs and home windows, it doesn’t fix the actual problem, which would keep reemerging.Try the following remedies one by one to settle the issue:1> Check for malwareWhile the above actions have to solve the worry, some virus and also malware are scripted to keep bring about the concern no matter how tough you attempt to settle it. Thus, if nothing else functions, please shave the right to your system for virus and also malware.

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2> Start a brand-new Firefox sessionWhenever before Firefox crashes all of a sudden, the previous sessions are recovered as soon as we restart the web browser. If we kill the process as soon as it was swiftly opening new tabs and also windows, the browser would most likely open up all those surplus tabs when we restart it.

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