How to stop comodo from blocking websites

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Webwebsite Filtering Rules

Click‘Settings’ > ‘Webwebsite Filtering’ > ‘Rules’ tab

The websitefiltering rule-configuration interface lets you develop rules whichare as sweeping or as granular as you need. Rules deserve to be createdon a per-user basis, enabling you to manage exactly which websitescertain people have the right to or cannot visit. You have the right to additionally disable or allow adominance as forced at any time. Comocarry out Firewall implements rules in the order they are in this list. Should a dispute exist betweenindividual rules, then the rules at the top takes priority. Clickthe "Move Up" or "Move Down" butlots at the optimal to change a rule"spriority.

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Open the webwebsite filtering rules section

Click"Settings" at the top left of the CIS home display screen to open the"Advanced Settings" interconfront Click"Webwebsite Filtering" on the left and select the "Rules" tab


The "Enable Rule" switch enables you to rotate a ascendancy on or off. Thecheck-boxes next to a preeminence name let you selectit for modifying, deleting or re-prioritizing. Clickthe magnifying glass icon to search for a particular dominion in the list.

The rules interconfront allows youto:

Create a new webwebsite filtering rule

Open the "Webwebsite Filtering" Panel by clicking"Settings" from the CIS home display then select "Website Filtering"from the "Modern Settings" interface.

Clickthe "Add" button at the height.


Entera name for your brand-new filter.

Selectthe categories that need to be included to the filter:

Clickthe "Add" button from the "Category" pane


Selecta category and click "OK" to include it to your ascendancy. Repeat the processto add even more categories.

The"Categories" window has a list pre-characterized Comodo categories andany kind of user developed categories. Comoexecute categories cannot be modified.

Safe Sites
- Websites that are considered safe according tothe worldwide whitelist. Phishing Sites - Fake copies of well-known banking, shopping and social media websites that intend to steal customer data. MalwareSites - The URL leads to adirect malware downfill. Malware is designed to damage yourcomputer, steal sensitive information or gain unauthorized accessibility toyour system. Exclusions– Websites you have decided to trustand also enable relations to for the current session and futuresessions. PUASites -Sites that organize "Potentially Unwanted Applications" (PUA). While notstrictly speaking malware, a PUA is a piece of software program that hasfunctionality that might not have been made clear to a user. Anexample is a browser toolbar which tells you the weather forecast,but which additionally tracks your online activity or serves you adverts. MaliciousSites - Sitesthat are recognized to hold or contain web links to malware, maliciousscripts or deceptive content. These are intended to cause damages toyour computer system or steal individual information. SuspiciousSites – Siteswhich have actually displayed strong proof of suspicious habits but have notyet organized content which would warrant placing them in the "Malware"or "Malicious" categories. Users are advised to be on high alertmust they visit these sites.

See WebsiteCategories for even more details on producing andediting and enhancing user mentioned categories.

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Add"Users" or "User Groups" to whom the preeminence need to be applied:

Clickthe "Add" button from the "Restrictions" pane. The "Select User orGroup" dialog will appear:


Enterthe object name to select - add usersto whom the filter should be used. Names have to be in theformat:


Conversely,click "Advanced" then "Find Now" to find certain users. Click"OK" to confirm the addition of the individuals.


You next need to specify whether those individuals have to be enabled or blocked from viewing the websites, or whether they should be asked if they desire to continue. This is done by modifyingthe attach in the "Restrictions" column:

- The websites in the categories have the right to be accessed by the user. Block - The websites in the categories cannot be accessed by the user.


Ask- An alert will certainly be shown in the internet browser (displayed below) if theuser tries to accessibility any type of of the websites in the category. The userdeserve to decide whether to overlook it as soon as or add it to exclusions list.If added to the exclusion list, the warning dialog will not appearfor this webwebsite aobtain. Please note that just the administrator canremove the websites from the exclusions list.


Usethe "Logging" switch to choose whether or not attempts to access acategorized webwebsite are logged.

Click"OK" to conserve your new ascendancy. The new rule will certainly be added to the listof rules under the "Rules" tab

Makesure that the ascendancy is allowed utilizing the toggle switch under the"Enable Rule" column for the dominance to take effect.

Youcan disable or allow rules at any type of time using the switch under the"Enable Rule" column.

Important Note to Windows 8 andWindows 8.1 users: If you are making use of Web Explorer 11 version11.0.9600.16384, it is mandatory to include the user group "ALLAPPLICATION PACKAGES" to the Restrictions list in enhancement to theintfinished users for each dominance you create.

If you or various other users accesswebsites utilizing Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8/8.1, then you mustinclude this user team or your rules will certainly have actually no impact. For example,users will still have the ability to accessibility blocked websites.

Add "ALL APPLICATIONPACKAGES" to the constraints list

Click"Advanced" in the "Select User or Group" dialog


Click"Find Now" and also select "ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES" from the list ofcustomers and also teams presented in the list at the bottom Click"OK"


Edit existing rules

Open the "Webwebsite Filtering" Panel by clicking"Settings" from the CIS home display and also then "Webwebsite Filtering"from the "Advanced Settings" interchallenge.

Choosethe webwebsite filtering ascendancy to be edited under the "Rules" tab bychoosing the checkbox next to the preeminence.

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Clickthe "Edit" switch at the height.

The " Website Filtering Rule"interconfront for the schosen dominance will open. You have the right to add/removecategories, add/remove individuals or readjust the restriction for selectedcustomers from this interconfront. See Tocreate a new Webwebsite Filtering Rule for even more details onthis interchallenge.

Rerelocate a webwebsite filtering rule

1. Open the "Webwebsite Filtering" panel by clicking "Settings" then "Webwebsite Filtering" in the "Modern Settings" interconfront.2. Open the "Rules" tab. Choose the rule(s) you want to relocate by selecting the checkbox(es) beside the dominance.3. Click the "Remove" switch at the peak.4. Click "OK".Change the priority of website filtering rules1. Open the "Website Filtering" panel by clicking "Settings" then "Website Filtering" in the "Advanced Settings" interconfront.2. Open the "Rules" tab. Choose the dominion you want to move by picking the checkbox beside the rule.3. Click the "Move Up" or "Move Down" butloads to change the order of the rules.4. Click "OK".