How to speed up lenovo tablet

Don"t endure a slow-moving running tablet. There"s plenty you deserve to do to make it run quicker, rather of buying a brand-new one

2. Update Android

A more substantial solve is to examine your tablet’s Android software program is up-to date. Go to Settings > About > Software Update to view if tbelow are any kind of updays easily accessible as these will frequently come via brand-new features, performance enhancements, and also bug fixes.

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App updays are also worth downloading and install from the Google Play Store as developers are continually optimising and boosting their apps.

3. Save Power

Now let’s figure out what apps or services are draining the the majority of battery – however hang on what’s that obtained to execute with accelerating our tablet? Go to Android Settings > Battery > Usage and also if it turns out a details app or game is making use of the majority of battery, opportunities are it’s utilizing a fair amount of processor power too – so it may be worth uninstalling it.

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4. Remove Pesky Widgets

One of the advantages of Android tools is their widgets. These have the right to show information choose the time and weather or carry out application shortcuts, news feeds, and also music players. Some will certainly frequently upday (such as weather widgets) and also may usage up a chunk of your tablet’s RAM and also handling power – contributing to your tablet’s performance concerns. Uninstall these from the Settings app to free up extra performance.


5. Shorter Animations

You most likely don’t also alert, however eexceptionally time you press the Home switch or open up the application drawer for example, you’ll see an animation favor a crossfade or zoom. They might look nice, but they can make your device feel a bit on the sluggish side.

To minimize animation times, go to Setups > About and also tap on ‘Build Number’ seven times to unlock Developer Mode. Don’t worry you don’t have to be a developer; anyone deserve to perform this! Go back to Settings and also open up Developer Mode, then scroll down until you check out Window, Transition and also Animator Duration Scale settings. Select each one and also rerevolve the animation range to .5x.

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That’s it! Your tablet have to feel fairly a little bit nipper now via shorter animations.

6. Faster SD Cards

If your tablet supports expandable storage in the create of MicroSD cards, it’s certainly worth investing in a far better card through much faster review and also compose speeds.

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If you’re currently using a card and also you desire to get a new one, make sure you back up your data very first. The most basic method is to buy a USB card reader adaptor which plugs into a USB port on your laptop or computer. Plug the MicroSD card into the adaptor, open it the computer’s file explorer, and also then copy and paste the contents to your desktop computer or a ‘backup’ folder. Reverse the procedure as soon as you have your brand-new card and also ssuggest pop it ago right into your tablet.


If you’re not certain which card to buy, you can’t go wrong via a Class 10 (guaranteed create speed of 10 MB/s) 32GB or 64GB capacity card from brands like Samsung, SanDisk, or Kingston.

7. Custom launchers

Nova and Google Now are 2 of the the majority of well-known launchers you can download and install from the Play Store onto your gadget. Launchers include what’s recognized as a ‘skin’ that changes points choose animations, icon styles, and also fonts. The alters may seem superficial, yet depending on the launcher you install, they can have a large influence your tablet’s performance.

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8. Clear Caches

As you usage your gadget, information caches build up and also have the right to start to sluggish down the tablet’s software application. Sometimes a great spring clean is in order so it’s a good idea to delete these caches eexceptionally now and also then. You have the right to delete individual caches using the Apps food selection in Settings or, more conveniently, usage among the well-known (and also free) apps such as Clean Master, CCleaner, and App Cache Cleaner which are obtainable to download from the Google Play Store.


9. Rooting & Custom ROMS

Rooting your tablet and also installing a practice ROM have the right to speed up your gadget and provide you accessibility to concealed settings, including the capacity to overlock your tablet’s processor and add or rerelocate individual functions. Be mindful though, it’s a tricky procedure which has the potential to ‘brick’ your tablet and void its warranty.

Tbelow are a selection of tools and also programs designed to assist you root your device together with a selection of custom ROMs easily accessible to downpack. However before, many are designed for specific tools so it’s worth doing some study on exactly how to safely root your tablet.

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10. Factory reset

This action is for once all else falls short and also you think starting fresh is the ideal method forward. Back up your data very first and also then perdevelop a factory reset by going to Settings > Backup and Recollection > Factory Documents Reset. After a few minutes you’ll have the ability to usage your tablet aget, excellent as new!

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These are just a few means to help speed up your Android tablet, but if you have actually any favourite tips or tricks we missed out, let us know using Twitter.