How to scroll up in linux terminal

Hello, Im brand-new to the debian(and also company), but 2 yrs. old to Ubuntu and Mint.May i ask that how do i scroll up and dvery own in the consingle of the debian buster 10.6(set up with network-install.img)?host: PC, BIOS, amd64, 4GiB, 750GB, Core_i3(second, M-series).not-working: Shift+PgUp/PgDvery own.temp.-workaround: " | less".NOTE: I will NOT have the ability to article for an extremely lengthy time right here aget, however will review the replies and also after some and likewise include the ""(if solved), so please compose all the possibilities recognized to you.Thanking you...

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If you’re talking about the login shell - one way to accessibility scroll-back functionality is to use a terminal multiplexer prefer display, or tmux.In tmux you press your leader essential (which by default in tmux is C-b i.e. regulate and b. But it deserve to be remapped - I remapped my leader vital to C-a) then press { which puts tmux right into copy mode.From tbelow, if your shell is collection to usage emacs style keybinds (default in many shells) you deserve to usage the up/dvery own arrows to move the cursor up or dvery own with the scroll-earlier buffer. Left and also right arrows relocate the caret a character to the left, or best. Or use emacs style keybinds prefer C-v and also alt-v to go down/up a totality page. Other emacs-style activity keybinds occupational too!If, you have actually your shell set to usage vi style keybinds, you deserve to use j to move up a line, k to move down, h and also l relocate the caret left and right. C-b to scroll ago a page, or C-f to scroll forward a page. And aobtain - other common vi/vim activity keybinds will work.Tmux’s Copy mode deserve to likewise be used to highlight/pick text to copy/paste- which allows you to copy text to an interior buffer and also paste it into any type of other terminals you have open up in tmux. Tbelow is additionally an add-on for tmux called tmux-yank, which have the right to copy text to the worldwide clipboard - which will certainly permit you to paste message in applications running external of your tmux session ( E.g. in a desktop/window manager, this is handy for copy/pasting Error messperiods from a tmux session in the terminal right into your web browser, to search for a solution to a problem, or right into any type of other GUI based applications you can should paste message into!).But I won’t go into detail on selecting/copying/pasting text here. The main point you’re interested in is utilizing the scroll-earlier.To departure tmux’s copy mode, hit escape or use C-c and you’ll be returned to normal mode and also will certainly be at the finish of the buffer, ready to enter an additional command also.I haven’t offered display in a lengthy time, however it has a similar copy mode, which attributes similarly and offers you a scroll-ago device.There’s a short article describing its usability here:

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Scroll inside Display, or Pause Output