How to record in stereo in audacity

How deserve to I record in stereo?

Audacity by default must currently be set to document in stereo. If this is not the instance, usage Device Toolbar to select the playago and recording gadgets and also to collection the channels to "2 (stereo) Recording Channels".

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Alternatively you deserve to open up the Audacity Precommendations, choose the "Devices" area on the left, then in the "Recording" panel, change the number of recording networks to "2 (Stereo)".

Windows: Many kind of USB recording gadgets, also if stereo, are seen as "microphones" so set by Windows to document in mono. If Audacity is set to document in stereo this will reason both networks to have the very same content as among the channels.

To collection Windows to document the gadget in stereo:

By the device clock, right-click over the Speaker icon choose Sounds then the Recording tab, and then click on the USB device in the list and click Properties. Click the State-of-the-art tab set your forced bit rate and sample rate from the Default Format dropdown (usually "2 channel 16-little bit 44,100 Hz").

For an extra comprehensive walk-through of the over steps for Windows (or if that does not occupational for your variation of Windows), view Windows: accessing the Windows Sound controls.

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What is an optimal recording level to aim for?

Using the Recording Volume Slider on Mixer Toolbar to change the level, aim for a maximum top of around xe2x80x936 dB on the Recording Meter (or 0.5 if the meter is set to linear scale). This should encertain that clipping will be avoided. The recording will just show a maximum peak of roughly 0.5 on the default wavecreate display screen, however given just how the ear hears sound, this is actually much louder than noticeable "half volume".

You have the right to rise the level if necessary after recording and editing by making use of Effect > Amplify or Effect > Normalize.

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How carry out I record from vinyl records, cassette tapes or MiniDiscs?

Plug one finish of a stereo cable right into the "Line Out" or "Headphone" connector on your tape deck, MiniDisc player, or stereo system. Plug the various other finish into your computer"s "Line In" port. If you perform not have actually a perfect cable, you have the right to discover one at an electronics keep.Press the red Record
switch. While Audacity is recording, begin playing your tape or disc. When you have actually caught the audio you desire to document, press the Stop button. You have the right to additionally press the Pause button to pausage recording, and also Pause aobtain to resume recording on the very same track.

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For a in-depth tutorial, watch Copying tapes, LPs or MiniDiscs to CD. This covers all the actions from recording your records, cassettes or MiniDiscs to exporting as an audio file and burning to an audio CD.

Vinyl or shellac documents have the right to also be taped right into Audacity via a one-of-a-kind kind of turntable that connects to the USB port of your computer. These turntables have to be put up in a different way from those that attach to line-in. See Recording with USB turntables or USB cassette decks for setup instructions, then Basic Recording, Editing and Exporting in the main tutorial.

Connection hints:

Do not attach a turntable directly to your computer system. The signal from a turntable should be passed via a phono pre-amplifier or a receiver via a "phono" input that gives phono amplification. Otherwise, it will be too quiet and will additionally sound "tinny" due to incorrect equalization.

Can I play a track while recording a new one on peak of it?

This is known as recording an overdub to develop a multi-track recording. It provides it feasible to record harmonies via yourself, or include brand-new instruments or vocals to an existing recording. To do this in Audacity, follow these instructions:

Select the recording tool you are plugged right into (probably microphone or line-in) in the Recording Device menu in Device Toolbar Press the Record button
If you are recording from a microphone, make sure you use headphones so that the microphone picks up only what you are recording. Detailed, illustrated instructions on how to make overdub recordings are in Tutorial - Recording Multi-track Overdubs.

Can Audacity record YouTube, Net radio or other streaming audio?

With a lot of Windows and Linux audio devices, it is possible to document whatever before sound the computer is presently playing, including Web radio streams.Mac individuals deserve to capture streaming audio using third-party standalone applications or device extensions.

See the Recording audio playing on the computer system tutorial for details, complying with the attach thereon for your particular operating platcreate.

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What is the maximum recording length?

Audacity does not restrict the maximum recording length past the handy limitation that recording takes space on your drive so you can only document while the drive still has actually room available.

When you start to document, Audacity mirrors a "Disk space remains for recording" message in the Status Bar at bottom left of the Audacity home window offering the current recording time available. With default Audacity settings, stereo recording takes 1.2 GB of area per hour.

After recording you will certainly still require space to export the recording as an audio file for your computer system. Editing the recording before export takes extran area. Each modify of an area requires as a lot additional disk area as was required to initially record that area.

Can I collection Audacity to document at a certain time?

Yes, see Timer Record in the Transport food selection.

You deserve to additionally make Audacity stop recording after a certain time limit without utilizing the Timer Record function, by complying with the instructions for Recording for a certain length of time.

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Can I document from a multi-channel device (more than stereo)?

Yes, however this is not simple; typically this does not work-related "out of the box" on Windows consumer devices, and constantly requires use of correct hardware and also gadget chauffeurs. There are some recognized Audacity constraints in channel selection and also channel-to-track alplace. It is crucial that sample rates are matched in all places (Audacity, the operating device and also the device). See Multi-channel Recording for more details.

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Can I document from 2 microphones (or 2 audio interfaces) at the very same time?

Audacity have the right to only record from one sound tool at a time, however right here are some options.

If your sound device has separate left and ideal mic inputs, attach the separate microphones to those inputs. Connect the separate microphones to a mixer and also record from the mixer. If these are dynamic microphones that carry out not need extra power, buy an adaptor that has actually two inputs for the microphones via a solitary 1/8 inch TRS connector for the computer microphone port (this will generally only give you an unified mono input). Record each track to different computers. If you have 2 USB microphones or any kind of other sepaprice sound tools you have the right to accumulation them as a single tool for recording in Audacity, or use other recording software program to document the 2 gadgets to separate tracks.On Windows you have the right to attempt the adhering to.It may likewise be possible on Windows to usage the "Listen" attribute to path inputs to the output, though this is slightly lossy.Right-click over the speaker icon by the system clock, select "Sound" then pick "Recording devices".Right-click over the initially gadget, select "Properties" then the "Listen" tab (if available). Check "Listen to this device" and collection it to play via the required audio interface. Repeat the procedures for the other devices. On Mac use Audio MIDI Setas much as aggregate devices.On Linux you have the right to usage JACK to route two tools to one stream that Audacity can document from. See additionally these two Forum posts
Separate audio tools such as 2 USB microphones or devices on different computer systems will certainly have actually sepaprice clock speeds (in the absence of a understand clock to synchronize to). Because of this the two inputs might drift apart over time.

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