How to record arma 3 with obs

I want to record gameplay video of arma 3 and acre radio comms and also acre local, however I just desire the recording to pick up what"s being said by me once I press either of my two press to talk secrets.

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What is (step by step) the simplest method to attain this?



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There are rather a few alternatives.

Fraps - This application will certainly collection you ago $37 USD. I believe it is what the majority of world usage.

FFSplit - FFSplit is a cost-free recording routine that I discovered newly, it is a pretty excellent application from what I"ve experienced so far. Best of all, it"s cost-free.

Software applications will have actually an impact on your performance. That"s why some human being prefer hardware choices.

The only that I really recognize of is the AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable.


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For recording and streaming I usage

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You can diable streaming and also enable "Save to file" for your captures. Tright here are also multiple sound inputs and the alternative for push to talk.

With a second onboard graphics-chip from intel you can likewise use Quicksync and also spare some CPU power for Arma. Performance is good via quicksync.

If you have a new NVidia card you can also usage NVidia Shadowplay. Works nice with ArmA3 (great performance as encoding is completly on your graphicscard).


I use MSI Afterburner which is complimentary. With the beta variation, you have the right to choose what codec to record via. I"ve also heard OBS is fairly good and would prefer to give it a try, however acquiring it set up scares me a small ;)

I don"t think you"ll discover a solution via the necessity re push-to-talk being the only mic audio which is recorded. Tbelow are many hardware and also software application options, simply none that I deserve to think of which would occupational for this. If tbelow are recording software application suites which have a bindable mute, or if your soundcard software application allows for bindinng of a mute key you might be able to set this to the game"s talk crucial. But otherwise you may have to carry out it the old fashioned means and mute/reduced what you do not desire when modifying.

I don"t think you"ll discover a solution via the necessity re push-to-talk being the just mic audio which is recorded.

Dxtory permits recording multiple audio inputs to multiple tracks. Also has a PTT (or push-to-record) feature, which would most likely cover your need there. Tright here are some excellent YouTube videos extending excellent ways to collection it up.

Sometimes being quoted is negative bereason I finish up realising I can have written a far better sentence. But otherwise I"m happy to have been corrected. I"ve reinstalled Fraps and tested it for this use and also it is indeed tright here. Same through Bandicamera and Dxtory. I more than likely didn"t notice because I relocated on to AverMedia and also Elgato hardware for a lot of of my recording, plus I choose sepaprice audio tracks for modifying purposes. But I don"t check out the PTT and also ACRE scenario working via two sepaprice tricks.

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It must be feasible to job-related about using macros, through some software program or if you have a keyboard/computer mouse with programmable buttons. e.g. Let"s say in-game you have actually PTT collection to "SPACE" and ACRE to "CAPS LOCK". You have the right to then collection your recording software application PTT to "SPACE". Finally, you have a programmable switch or macro for ACRE which, as soon as pressed, activates both "SPACE" and "CAPS LOCK". This way your voice is taped whether you just usage PTT or use ACRE. (Note that I have yet to usage ACRE so I don"t understand specifically exactly how it features alongside normal PTT, so my solution might be over-complicating things for all I know)

My advice on founding out via recording on a humble device is to use Bandivideo camera. I do not respeak to many restrictions to the trial, just a little watermark. Fraps" trial limits to somepoint like 30 second recordings and Dxtory has a huge watermark (plus it"s a little bit more complex to use and also obtain optimal settings). Bandicam additionally has the smallest footprint on your system sources - although the trade-off is that its video quality isn"t quite as good as the others (good enough though). The funny thing about all this is that thanks to ARMA"s seemingly problematic low CPU usage it"s actually a game which captures well bereason the CPU is complimentary to manage recording.