How to open a print shop file without print shop

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Opening an Existing Project

Opening a paper createdin The Print Shop 4.0

Any job developed through The 4.0 will have a thumbnail preview in the ProjectGallery. 

Opening a document produced in ThePrint Shop 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, and The Print Shop 4.0

With one exemption, The Print Shop 2.0tasks act and also feature exactly prefer The Print Shop 3.0, ThePrint Shop 3.5, and The Print Shop 4.0 jobs. When you initiallyopen up a Publish Shop 2.0 job, you will certainly desire to import it into theProject Gallery.

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From the Project Gallery click "Open an existingproject".
Browse to the area of your The Publish Shop 2.0 task.Select your job by clicking it when.Click on the Open button.

Note: If your projects are all in thesame location you have the right to import multiple tasks at when by holdingdvery own the control vital on your keyboard throughout action 4 and also clicking oneach task you would certainly favor to import.

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Opening a document Created inPrint Shop (versions 23.1)

Older The Publish Shop documents will certainly alsoopen up inside The Print Shop 4.0. However, they will reactdifferently than The Publish Shop 2.0, The Publish Shop 3.0, and also ThePublish Shop 3.5 records. Not all of the aspects you have actually produced willimport into The Print Shop 4.0 from The Print Shop 23.1. Somebackgrounds, watermarks, and also other style functions execute not importright into The Print Shop 4.0. ThePrint Shop 23.1fileswill additionally become rasterized. This suggests that some objects willcome to be irreversible parts of your task and cannot be edited. Youhave the right to still include added facets to your projects though and also coverup things you do not desire on your job.

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To Open your olderfiles:

Click on the Documents Menu Tab.
Click on Open.Click on Open The Print Shop 23.1 file.Browse to and also Select your job file.Click on the Open switch.It will take a minute or 2 to transform your old Project into abrand-new The Publish Shop 4.0 project. Please be patient with thisprocess as your computer system may seem unresponsive in the time of theconvariation process. Note: Large project papers from the old routine might nottransform.Once your task is converted you can modify it making use of The 4.0.