How to make utorrent 3.4.5 faster

have 3.4.5. DL"s job-related pretty fast (have it up to my limit 25 MB/s) yet my HDD gets extremely slow !

Have an up-to-date PC, no matter if I usage my inner HDD or an rapid extermal HDD with USB3.0 once I copy/relocate the downloaded papers from the HDD wbelow uT saved it to one more HDD I never before obtain more than

30 MB/s 

it gets as low as 10 MB/s. When I copy from a non-uT HDD to one more I acquire in between 130 and 170 MB/s. CPU and also RAM not at the limit. During copy time uT works fine with great DL rate as said. 


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that I understand also however also if all torrents are stopped or closed the HDD is f. slow-moving, so I can copy papers just via 30MB/s or lower. 

that I understand yet also if all torleas are quit or closed the HDD is f. slow, so I have the right to copy records only with 30MB/s or lower. 

Maybe bereason the partition that you conserve your torrental fees to is very fragmentized and also is unable to keep the downloaded files in a sequential manner. Copying fragmentized records will be slow-moving.

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thanks, but this is definetly not the situation as I recently formatted the HDD and usage a defrag regime on a regular basis. Also as shelp this trouble I have is through both HDDs I provided for uT (through the initially HDD I assumed of some one-of-a-kind difficulties or so however with the second HDD (after beginning from scratch) I have actually exact same problem).

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I had eMule DLs/tmp papers as well on exact same HDD, in eMule I might fairly relocate my mouse reason of all the sluggish downs, then I removed emule totally from this uT HDD (eMule running on another HDD is rapid currently again). So uT slows dvery own the HDD, what I do now is to usage all night and also the moment I dont usage my PC (yet uT ofc) to copy the files through ~15 MB/s speed to an additional disk. Sometimes the DL with uT is quicker than copy files from HDD to another!

now I completely formated the HDD (not in rate mode yet in-deep, took 12 hrs, a 4TB HDD) and when I copy ow the first downloaded I have ~ 66MB/s, so it"s still about fifty percent the speed I have actually normally as soon as copying papers however DL"s wbelow energetic in the time of this copy, so this is ok, thanks for the tip. Btw, what you suppose "defragmenting the documents before..." I can defrag my entirety HDD (which has actually just 1 partions) yet not single files. So I think I have to defrag the HDD very regularly because I download ~ 1TB through uT per day.

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You"re either going to have to defragment or pre-alfind via the no-zero disabled. Keep in mind that disabling no-zero will certainly reason a significant performance hit whenever you add a brand-new torrent.