How to make straight lines in gimp

It"s embarrassing to say just how lengthy I"ve been making use of GIMP without discovering just how to attract a right line, but ... skipping that ... here’s a quick tutorial on exactly how to attract a straight line via GIMP.

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GIMP directly line: Tip 1

Tip 1 is to have a photo you want to draw a straight line on. I’ll assume you have a helpful image to job-related on, but for my purposes I’ll attract a straight line in black on a white canvas. Here’s my white canvas:


Step 2

The following step to attract a right line is to pick your painting tool. I’m going to usage GIMP"s Paintbrush Tool, yet you deserve to draw a directly line with any of the complying with tools:

Paintbrush ToolPencil ToolAirbrush ToolInk Tool (Calligraphy tool)Smudge ToolDodge/Burn Tool

I simply tested all of these devices, and they work-related fine on my GIMP 2.6.3 mechanism.

Tip 3

After choosing your drawing tool, in Tip 3 all you need to perform is select a beginning allude for your right line. Just click your photo as soon as wherever before you want your right line to start:


Step 4

In Tip 4 we discover the secret to drawing a directly line in GIMP. All you have to perform is host down the essential while you relocate the computer mouse approximately, and decide wbelow you desire your right line to finish. As lengthy as you hold dvery own the essential while you relocate the mouse you’ll check out GIMP providing you some visual help, illustration a right line from your last dot to your existing mouse position. It looks somepoint choose this:


Once you’ve determined where you desire your directly line to end, just click that spot on your photo (left-click), while still holding down the key. After you click the mouse button, you’ll have a straight line, somepoint prefer this:


That’s all you need to execute.

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Somehow I managed to work-related via GIMPa lengthy time without learning this, but it’s a huge time-saver once you discover it.

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Review: How to attract a right line in Gimp

As a quick summary, here’s all you need to execute to draw a straight line in GIMP:

Have a picture you desire to draw a right line on.Select a GIMP illustration tool.Click the starting spot for your right line.Hold dvery own the key; move the computer mouse pointer to your second spot, and through the vital still organized dvery own, click the finish allude for your directly line.

I hope this “GIMP right line” tutorial is helpful!