How to make sata to usb converter at home

Ok This Is What I Am Trying To Accomplish.Im Trying to Connect A Sata Dvd Drive To A USB Port On My Laptop. I Own Both Sata Cables And Usb Cables And I Kcurrently How To Solder And Read Instructions . I Just Need To Kcurrently How To Make The Cable/Adapter . And Only Reason As Why I Need It Cuz I Cannot Wait another 4 to 5 Days For My Power supply For The COMPUTER Im Building.

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The communication protocols for SATA are quite various from those for USB. You require an energetic interchallenge choose this neat bit toy:


As Nick sassist, you cannot simply wire up a cable and also have the SATA HDD occupational over a USB interconfront.First, you have to administer every one of the power a SATA drive requirements. That has 3.3 V, 5 V, and also 12 Volts.Since USB only provides 5 volts, you require either an external power supply, or effective DC to DC converters.Then, you require data buffers and interchallenge converters together with the assistance hardware for the tools.As far as you major question around the raw connections, inspect out this site:, what you require is a USB to SATA adapter prefer Nick provided you a link to.Chas


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if that adapter does not perform, tright here are Sata -- USB external drive cases that you can purchase also. They would certainly price around the same (or more) as that cable though, yet may be easier to discover.

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