How to make a desktop shortcut for an origin game

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You watching: How to make a desktop shortcut for an origin game (formerly Good Old Games) is a digital circulation platcreate for video games, but additionally films.

It specializes in the distribution of older titles, hence the name, but it additionally faces brand-new ones also.
What sets GOG acomponent from other comparable platcreates such as Steam or Epic Store is that the Games are DRM-complimentary.

GOG additionally lets you downpack a customer from where you deserve to control your game library.

This client is recognized as GOG Galaxy, and also it boasts plenty of neat features.

However before, some users have been wondering around some of the features that see to be hidden from simple sight:

Just a quick question. Is tright here a way to develop a shortcut for a game i’ve downloaded from Galaxy? I understand that if you downpack the game from GOG’s website it instantly adds a shortcut to your desktop, but is tright here a means to perform this with Galaxy?

While the games you downloaded can easily be available from the GOG Galaxy library, some human being still seem to choose the good old-fashioned symbol on the desktop computer.

How to develop a desktop shortcut for games

Generally, as soon as you downpack a game by means of GOG, you need to be prompted in the downpack area display screen whether you’d prefer a desktop shortreduced or not also.

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However, you can collection GOG Galaxy to produce desktop computer shortcuts for all the games you downfill as a default feature.

Therefore, follow the measures below:

Open GOG GalaxyClick on (Top-left corner)Select Settings from the listSelect the Downloads tabCheck package alongside the Create shortreduced on desktop fieldClose the window


The change must currently apply to all future games you will downpack.

Remember that uninstalling GOG Galaxy will certainly NOT uninstall the games you downloaded with it.

If you don’t favor GOG, you should give other digital game distribution platdevelops swarm, such as the Epic Gamings or Steam.

More so, every one of them have massive sales that revolve on a weekly basis, with mega sales happening throughout Summer and also Winter.

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Some publishers, such as Electronic Arts, Ubisoft or Rockstar Games have their own proprietary clients, namely Origin, Uplay, and also the Rockstar Gamings Launcher.