How to install motherboard drivers without cd

Nowadays if you construct a brand-new COMPUTER or also your repair & build an old PC, nobody purchases an Optical CD/DVD-Drive these days yet you still have to deal with Motherboard Drivers. For them this a quick overview on How to Find & Install Motherboard Drivers from the Internet without CD.

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If you already have an Optical Drive and a Motherboard Driver CD then you do not have to issue around anypoint else, just insert the Driver CD right into the Drive and also it will auto-play setup file and you just need to pick the chauffeurs and install them.But I understand nobody buys an Optical drive in 2020.

Now you need to be thinking how to install motherboard chauffeurs without CD?Well the answer is very simple, use Interned to downfill those chauffeurs in your regional drives and also install them you have the right to also usage a USB drive to save them.But before start this guide, It is incredibly essential to recognize what are the major vehicle drivers which need to be mounted.

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How to Install Motherboard Drivers from USB

Important Drives List

Installing a motherboard driver becomes more comfortable once you understand which chauffeurs are compelled to install and also why.

Chipset Driver: These vehicle drivers are software program instructions that instruct the Operating System to properly operate and interact through the motherboard.VGA/Graphics Driver: Your Computer or Laptop’s Graphics (Visual) will certainly not work effectively if you carry out not install this driver.Network(LAN) Driver: This driver allows the netoccupational connection choices in your Operating System.Audio/Sound Driver: The driver allows the audio system, without this driver you will not have the ability to use speakers or microphones on your Computer or Laptop.

How to discover my Motherboard Drivers

Before Installing Motherboard Drivers you must find and also downfill it. To perform so you have to know the name of the motherboard through model no.If you don’t recognize I have the right to aid you with a guide on just how to uncover your motherboard design.Now that you recognize your Motherboard name and also it’s design no, now let’s uncover the main chauffeurs for it.

Follow these provided actions through an example to understand also the procedure of finding Official motorists for the Motherboard:

Open Google and also form “MSI Z170A PC MATE drivers” you will certainly acquire a few outcomes, look for the results from the main webwebsite in this case motherboard is made by MSI so I will certainly look for outcomes from

1. Tbelow may be multiple outcomes from the exact same webwebsite ( yet to recognize the correct one constantly read the description of those search results and also attempt to find the correct one which consists of keywords like “drivers”, “Utility”, etc


2. Now when you open up the connect from the search outcomes, Click on Drivers Tab.

3. Now pick the operating device that your running on your PC or Laptop.


4. You will watch a list of all the drivers, you have to pick the forced chauffeurs and downfill them.

5. It will certainly start downloading the chauffeurs, Just conserve it on your local drive or USB drive.

Important Note:
In location of “MSI Z170A PC MATE drivers” type “your motherboard name + version no + drivers” in the google search to uncover your motherboard motorists.

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It works for all motherboard manufactures favor ASUS, Gigabyte, ASRock, Intel, Biostar, Acer and MSI as displayed in the instance.

You have efficiently taken how to discover Motherboard drivers and now you must understand exactly how to install Motherboard drivers. on a Computer or Lapheight.

How to Install Motherboard Drivers

Once the chauffeurs are downloaded and also saved in your Computer’s neighborhood drives, you just should install them. Here is the action by action guide on exactly how to install vehicle drivers for motherboard:

Tip 1: Go to the download folder and best click the downloaded file and also pick “Extract Here” to unzip the file in existing catalog.(Use the windows Unzip tool or WinRAR Application to extract the files).


Step 2: Open the Unzipped folder.


Tip 3: Find Setup file (.EXE file) and double click to begin the setup process.


Step 4: Now follow The instructions, It will certainly ask you to accept the license agreement and proceed forward for driver installation.(These setup instructions are from “MSI Z170A PC MATE Intel Chipset Driver” and it is displayed as an example, Setup Instructions and information might differ in your instance as the motherboard and also driver alters however the procedure is similer).


Click on “Accept” switch.


Now click the “Install” switch to begin installing the driver.



Note: It is extremely necessary to Rebegin your Computer or Lappeak. This will make chauffeurs works appropriately.


How to Install Motherboard Drivers from USB


Well, Installing Motherboard Drivers from USB is truly exceptionally simple and it needs little bit usage of brain. This strategy is exceptionally beneficial for those peoples that do not have an optical drive nor an Web link.In this scenario, You should Bring those motorists setup files into your USB drive and tbelow is only two means of doing that and also they are as follows:

Download Motherboard Drivers from Internet – In the above, I have currently stated How to Find motherboard Drivers and install them.The only distinction is that you must keep it in your USB drive, Connect the USB drive to your Lappeak or Computer and also Install them one by one.

Important Note:
You have the right to use your friend’s computer system with the Web link easily accessible or Cyber Cafe to downpack & save those setup documents in your USB Flash Drive.

Copy the Installation documents from CD/DVD ROM Drive – You can additionally use any type of other Computer or Lapheight (Friend’s/Cyber-Cafe) with Optical drive available on it, Just Insert The Motherboard Driver CD and copy tall the documents in your USB Flash Drive.Attach the USB drive to your Lapheight or Computer and also Install all the compelled drivers.


This is a complete guide on Motherboard Drivers installation, If you follow it accurately, all the chauffeurs problems will be solved.Please share this amazing overview and my hard occupational among your friends and also if you have actually any type of questions or suggestions, ask in the comment area.

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