How to get xbox audio through pc

This write-up gives setup instructions that will allow the headset to playago audio from 2 various sources (PC and also Console) at the very same time. This appropriate for streaming setups for using a different chat application (i.e. Discord) while consingle gaming. You can additionally usage this configuration on an Xbox One and also usage the Xbox PC app for party chat to have actually 100% wireless gaming. This setup will certainly work-related through the complying with headsets:






1. Remove the protective caps from the optical cable:

2. Connect the square finish of the optical cableto the "Digital Out (optical)" port on the rear of the PS4 and also Xbox (This setup will not work-related with the PS4 Slim)



3. Connect the various other end of the optical cable to the 3.5mm port on the side of the base terminal.

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4. Connect the base station to a USB port on your computer

5. Connect the boom microphone to the ovalshaped port in the left earcup. Make sure to affix it to the proper port. Using the wrong port will certainly cause chat audio to not occupational.





6. Press and also holdthe power switch for around 3 secs till the power LED turns on.

7. Search sound in home windows or best click the volume in the bottom appropriate corner and click playearlier devices



8.Right click Speakers and collection as default device


9.Click Recording devices

10.Right click Microphone vr-tab-quebec.comand set as default device


PS4 Setup:

1. Go toSettings > Sound and also Display > Audio Output Settings > Main Output Portand collection this toDigital Out (Optical). In the following display screen that pops up, do not examine any boxes for LS30, LS31, or LS31LE. For LS40 or LS41 check the "Dolby Digital 5.1ch" box. ClickOK.

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2. When you go back to theAudio Output Settingsdisplay, selectAudio Layout (Priority)and select Linear PCM for the LS30, LS31, LS31LE and Bitstream (Dolby) for LS40 and LS41.

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Xbox Setup:

1. Go into Settings > General > Volume & audio outputon the Xbox Oneand collection Optical Audio to Stereo uncompressedfor the LS30, LS31, LS31LE and pick bitstream out for LS40 and LS41 and collection the audio format to Dolby Digital.