How to get pictures from droid turbo to computer

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A variety of users have reported that their Motorola Droid Turbo is not showing up on the computer system. This issue have the right to be exceptionally frustrating, as this doesn’t enable you to transport files from the device to your PC.

In most of the instances we researched, it seems that the problem is not through the phone itself yet probably caused by a dispute between the phone vehicle drivers and also your COMPUTER.
For these reasons, in today’s post, we will certainly check out some of the best troubleshooting approaches to resolve this concern. Read on to uncover out more.

How execute I gain my Motorola Droid to connect to my computer?

1. Download the latest USB drivers

Download the file.Run it and install it on your PC.Restart Windows and then examine to view if the concern persists. If it does, please follow the following approach.

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2. Check the USB settings on your phone


Turn your phone off -> push and host the power key.Once it vibrates push and hold the volume dvery own key (store holding it till the phone powers on all the way).This procedure will start your Droid Turbo into Safe mode.Try to affix your phone to your COMPUTER again making use of your USB cable.

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Please feel totally free to let us know if this guide helped you connect your Droid Turbo to your COMPUTER.