How to fix payday 2 crash

You’ve liked your mask, you’ve planned your strategy, and you’re ready to steal.

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Unfortunately, as soon as you try to start your heist, your game crashes.

In spite of being pretty dated at this point, PayDay 2 is still having playcapacity problems.

Cramelted software application puts a dampener on any type of caper.

So, what deserve to you do?

Video Game Crashes on Heist Start

If your game crashes as soon as you try to begin a heist, you can obtain a crash log choose this:

Crashlog: Application has actually crashed: access violation

If that happens, start by checking the integrity of your game cache. You deserve to learn how to perform that by adhering to Steam’s instructions here.


If your cache is in good condition, the problem might be with a software program problem. PayDay 2 has actually a number of concerns once set up alongside exterior software program. If you’re utilizing Hamachi, DisplayLink, Overwolf, or a couple of other tools, that can be your trouble.

You have the right to check the full list of problems right here.

If neither of those fixes job-related, make certain that you’ve included PayDay 2 to your list of antivirus exceptions. You have the right to find out just how to include exceptions to your antivirus software program by trying to find “Antivirus Name Exceptions” on Google.

Remember, if you have actually any kind of mods on your Payday 2 game, they could cause concerns also. If you’re having actually a difficulty with Heisting, and also those fixes don’t job-related, try rerelocating all of your mods and also adding them ago one at a time.

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Video Game Crashes on Launch

So, what if your game crashes a little bit before a heist?

If the crash occurs on launch, there are a few points you have the right to try.

Windows 10 crashes: If you’re struggling via crashes on a Windows 10 COMPUTER, tbelow might be a couple of compatibility problems through the Steam Overlay. You have the right to rotate this off by going to the Steam Settings menu, and unchecking “Enable Steam Overlay in game”.Compatibility mode: Anvarious other choice is to run your game in compatibility mode. You can perform this by going to the PayDay 2 shortreduced, and right-clicking to accessibility Click on the compatibility tab, then click on “Run in compatibility mode”. Hit Apply, then OK.Move the render_settings file: Corruption is a common cause of crashes. Use the Windows essential + R to open up a search bar, then kind %appdata%. Here, you can discover your Local folder and click PayDay 2. Find the render_settings file and also move it to your desktop.Upday your drivers: Updating your Nvidia and also AMD graphics motorists is a good way to mitigate any kind of dangers of crashes on PayDay 2. You might also decide to update Steam at the same time if an upday is available.Delete a file: Deleting the IPHLPAPI.dll file from PayDay 2’s installation folder occasionally fixes crashing and also error concerns for specific players


Fixing Payday 2 Crashes

If your game is crashing on startup, and you’ve tried all of the options above, you have the right to look right into running the game in admin mode. Alternatively, attempt uninstalling and also reinstalling the game to make sure that tbelow aren’t any type of damaged records to compete via.

Good luck solving PayDay 2.

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