How to fix font not supported

Change the mechanism fonts on your phone or tablet

Over 4,300 fonts availabe for your Android tool. Root not compelled for supported tools. Install fonts you downfill from the web. Additional font settings for your gadget.

Tons of fonts

Choose from hundreds of typedeals with offered by graphic developers and well-known websites. All fonts are complimentary for individual usage and the majority are totally free for commercial use too.

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Font previews

Ptestimonial the font before installing it to your system. You have the right to likewise pevaluation any font file you download from the internet by choosing it from a third-party file manager or directly in the application.

FlipFont support

Samsung and also other manufacturers support changing your mechanism font without root accessibility. All our fonts support FlipFont for all Android versions (consisting of Android 6.0). Other font apps no longer work-related on Marshmenable.

Root support

Installing a font to your device calls for root access if your tool does not assistance FlipFont. The app will correctly install font documents to your device. The application will auto-detect the correct font file to overcompose so you have the right to gain any typechallenge on Android.

Smart backups

Create a secure backup of your font prior to installing a brand-new font to your mechanism. Back-up your mechanism fonts to internal storage or a removable SD card. Share your backups to DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive or other cloud services.

Material design

Enjoy downloading, viewing, and also installing your fonts with style. The app complies with the material architecture guidelines. You have the right to choose from dozens of handcrafted themes or develop your very own.

Easy to use

Hundreds of reviews agree that the application renders installing fonts simple and also fun. What are you waiting for? Join over 5 million individuals and also gain your device’s brand-new look and also style.

How it works

Watch our video of the application in action. Installing a practice typeconfront has never before been simpler. You have the right to additionally scan the QR codes to download the application to your gadget.

Downpack the totally free app

Download the premium app

Supported device include:

A rooted tool running Android 4.0+ with S-OFF (for HTC) A Samsung device that supports FlipFont (root is not required)

After installing a font, nothing changed. Why?

If rooted, installing a font will overwrite files in the /system/fonts brochure. Some applications pack their own fonts at runtime. You need to check out your font used in the majority of apps.

Support for applying fonts to individual apps will certainly come in a future update for tools that have Xposed frame.

How have the right to I stop boot loops after installing a system font?

Installing a font on a rooted device have the right to cause a boot loop. The app does every little thing possible to avoid this case. Before installing a font to your system you need to be acquainted with ADB and also restoring backups in your practice recovery. Almeans have actually a nandroid backup prior to making changes to your system.

If your device is in a boot loop you need to reboot into recoextremely and regain your latest nandroid backup or a flashable ZIP to gain back your system fonts. Wiping information will certainly not settle the boot loop.

What is root?

The name root is the user name or account that by default has actually accessibility to all commands and documents on the Android operating system. Rooting an Android gadget is sindicate the procedure of getting complete, privileged, or admin regulate of an equipment, for this reason allowing ‘root access’ or ‘superuser’ perobjectives.

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To learn more around rooting your tool, please review the FAQs at

Why am I obtaining an error message as soon as installing fonts?

Installing a font to your mechanism calls for that you have actually a rooted device. Samsung gadgets running Android 4.0 – 6.0 are likewise sustained with no root accessibility compelled. For more indevelopment about root, please downfill our Root Check application easily accessible on Google Play.

Having issues with FlipFont? Find out why.

The app is amazing. How deserve to I assistance future development?

We appreciate your appreciation. Please purchase the donate version of the application. This will certainly unlock functions and also rerelocate advertisements.

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About Fonts for Android

Fonts for Android is publimelted by JRummy Apps Inc. — a trusted agency through over 40 million installs from several root related apps on Google Play.

JRummy Apps is an integral component of the Android root neighborhood. We identify that without the community assistance we wouldn"t be where we are now. Thank you Android family.

What do human being think? I never kbrand-new you can adjust the fonts on my phone. I am so glad I uncovered this application. Thank you!

Amy Rex Anaheim, California After installing my brand-new font, reading emails is a pleasant exerience. Thank you for this wonderful app.

Adam Buhl Ft Worth, Texas

It has many kind of cool fonts to fit so many type of characters.

Ryan Anderkid Mesa, Arizona

This application has so many complimentary fonts. It is so simple to use. If you are bored through just how your phone looks, I recommfinish downloading this application.

Jered Robinson Berlin, Germany type of

I love the brand-new architecture, incredibly basic to use and tright here so many kind of brand-new fonts to choose from. The ideal font installer out there.

Ben Johnchild London, UK

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× FlipFont Error Article
Error message once installing a FlipFont™

Samsung and also other manufacturers have partnered via FlipFont™ (which is owned by Monoform Imaging Inc.) to support altering the font on your gadget.

FlipFont checks the APK signatures to attempt to block you from installing any type of totally free font files. If you are seeing an error dialog, it is because the system has actually detected the APK is not signed through Monotype"s signature.

What can you do?

If you are receiving this error message please send indevelopment around your tool to our support team at .

Other options include:

File a complaint with Monotype to urge them to assistance totally free font files. Root your tool to install practice font documents Acquisition fonts from Monokind Imaging Inc.

We will certainly execute our finest to support as many gadgets as feasible. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

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