How to extend c drive in windows 7 without formatting


If you want to resolve the low disk space difficulty of partitions, you might search for some solutions. When a specific partition is running out of space, in general, there are three techniques you have the right to use to solve this issue:

Without a doubt, to increase the partition size in Windows without formatting your partitions is the ideal one among those three solutions.

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As to the discussed options to the low disk space problem, extending partition size is recommfinished to you in Windows 7. Let"s look at the following 2 ways to rise partition dimension without losing information.

Disk Management Is Restricted to Change Partition Size

Windows has actually a built-in partition administration tool which is dubbed Disk Management. This tool have the right to aid you to manage your partitions and also disks for free.

However, occasionally once right-clicking a partition, you have the right to discover “Extfinish Volume” is grayed out. From the complying with screenswarm, you can watch this phenomenon.


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In truth, you may endure extfinish partition home windows 7 greyed out issue in three cases:

1. If the partition you desire to extfinish is a logical partition, yet tbelow is only unalsituated room and no totally free room best after the targain partition, this function is usemuch less.

2. Or you want to extend a main partition, however tbelow is no unalsituated area on the nearby right side of the partition, it is still grey.

3. If you must extend Windows partition, the partitions should be in NTFS and RAW layouts , otherwise, you can’t use Disk Management to extend your partitions.

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Consequently, Disk Management is not terrific to resize partition size in Windows 7 without shedding information if you are running a Windows 7 COMPUTER. You need to uncover another expert partition manager to execute this occupational.

Increase Partition Size without Formatting Using MiniTool Partition Wizard

Contrasted to Disk Management, a professional partition and disk administration software – MiniDevice Partition Wizard can aid you to control partitions in Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista 32 little bit and also 64 little operating devices. This partition magic is easy-to-use, reliable, non-destructive to manage your disk by its basic and also progressed features.

Right currently, downpack MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition to extend partition in Windows 7 without losing information for cost-free.

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Step 1: Launch the partition manager to go to its main interchallenge. Right-click your targain partition and pick "Extend Partition" attribute from "Change Partition" food selection.


Tip 2: Take free room from a partition or unalsituated space. You deserve to drag sliding take care of to decide how a lot room to take. After that, click "OK".


Step 3: Then you can ptestimonial the targain partition will certainly be extended. Click “Apply” to perform all operations.

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In addition to the "Extend" attribute, you deserve to additionally redimension partition in Windows 7 without losing information by its “Resize/Move” function. For example, if D drive has actually much disk area, you can choose to shrink D drive and extfinish C drive with this feature.