How to eject usb from android

My 2.3 tablet supports usb. It mounts all usb drives. However tright here is no mechanism for unmounting in the settings food selection.

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On direct unplugging usb tools, i acquire notification " usb mass storage gadget rerelocated unexpectedly

Is there is an application for unmounting usb storage devices?


It should typically be located within settings>storage>unmount USB storage. Otherwise look within whatever file explorer you are using on the tablet for USB storage, this should suggest that a usb stick and so on is using the drive, and also for this reason offer you the alternative to remove/unmount.

Tbelow are apps available however these need root access to my understanding.


I have actually a response. Many type of means to acquire below. Drag the windows out from the left in Es file explorer. You should check out Favorite, Local, Library, Network-related and Tools in a colume. Tap on Local and you have to check out the usbdisk with an arrow beside it. Tap the arrow and also you are taken to Storage Setups. Scroll to the bottom and also tap on Unmount USB Storage. I"m making use of a S4 running CM12.

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I was in search of an unmount choice also, on 4.4.2. The answer was given in the comment from Matthew Read: pull down the notication bar (swipe from the top). Then you need to check out a switch to unmount USB tools. At leastern it works choose that on my LG G2.


In kitkat 4.4.2 tright here is a method to safely rerelocate usb otg tool.


In storage food selection, it reflects internal storage,sd card and usb. You have to choose the usb storage and inside, you will certainly discover an choice to unmount.

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You upgrade your moto g to 4.4 kit Kat. After that u don"t desire to rebegin your phone on ejection of USB drive. But still there is no safe ejection approach as this specification (OTG) is not mentioned by manufacturer. The benefit is that you don"t need to rebegin your device.

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