How to disable touch on wacom tablet

I have actually a home windows 8 tablet which has a display screen which supports BOTH multitouch touch interconfront AND wacom style tablet interconfront with wacom stylus.I would like to usage the touch interchallenge for normal navigating and so on and so on, but when I gain prepared to take notes in OneKeep in mind, I would certainly prefer to pull out the wacom stylus and takes notes in my handwriting utilizing the stylus.The PROBLEM: Due to the fact that it has actually both touch and also stylus, I cannot comfortably use the stylus bereason my wrist or hand also will touch the display and also disrupt the process.The SOLUTION: In an ideal human being, I would certainly choose for touch interconfront to be instantly disabled whenever before the wacom pen is lugged into proximity with the display screen. An acceptable different would certainly be to immediately disable the touch interchallenge when I carry up OneKeep in mind (or any type of other specific app that I designate). A Worst case 3rd alternate would certainly be to have the ability to produce a shortreduced (either a tile or gesture) which would certainly toggle the touch interface.
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Mr. Chris D.
Replied on November 23, 2012

(You recognize those times once you type a lot and also you shed whatever you typed? Yeah, that simply occurred.)

Since I have actually no even more patience anyeven more, I"ll be a tiny more concise and much less detailed.

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I have a Lenovo X220 Tablet with a Wacom multitouch + stylus tablet.

Firstly, download Wacom"s the majority of current motorists. I"ve constantly been able to use my stylus without worrying about touch because it disables touch when the stylus is in the screen"s proximity. But still, the proximity is not too far of a distance, so it is extremely straightforward for me to make stray marks through my hand also while making use of OneKeep in mind.

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To remedy my difficulty - that is, to disable multitouch (as soon as I use OneNote) - I developed a shortreduced to disable (and also one more to enable) multitouch using devcon.

You can downfill devcon (x64) and also the shortcuts here:

-Move devcon.exe to WindowsSystem32.

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-Move the two shortcuts to C:ProgramDatavr-tab-quebec.comWindowsStart Menu (to pin to Start)

-Disable your Person Interface Devices one by one in Device Manager to uncover your multitouch tool. Then open up the properties of the appropriate gadget, go to Events and copy the (lengthy and also obscure) tool id/name

-Edit the target of the shortcuts; rearea "
" through "

There you go. When you usage the shortreduced to disable/enable, the Command also Prompt will certainly open (you"ll need to offer permission considering that it opens it as admininstrator) and it will certainly confirm that the tool is disabled/permitted.