How to disable ps4 controller sound on pc

I"m trying to connect PS4 controller to PC however it goes under audio, so it doesn"t job-related. I tried remove the tool from audio, however it simply goes ago when I try to include it under something else.

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What deserve to I do?



After plugging it in, attempt going to "put up USB game controllers" in control panel. (also have the right to be searched via Cortana). If a controller is noted, click properties. See if it is recognizing your inputs. If it is recognizing your button pressing, you need to be excellent to go. From here I provided DS4 Windows to connumber the controller. Set your actual audio tool as default, that means the controller does not prevent you from hearing audio.



I discovered this on (say thanks to you Kapil Arya)The below operated instantly and also error free for me:

*To use your PS4 controller as a game controller, you would have to downfill a driver for it.

Extract the content of the compressed folder to a brand-new folder that you will create.Double click the DS4Windows.Click on Program Folder to install the vehicle drivers and your PS4 Lightbar must lit up blue.Note: Each time that you will use the controller, you would must open the DS4Windows app first.*

The way I readdressed the problem is going to establishing up USB game controllers via inputting it into Cortana (which is additionally accessible from the regulate panel), selecting my PS4 controller then clicking progressed and also establishing it to my desired controller. Hope this helps!

The easiest means to connect the controller to a COMPUTER is utilizing bluetooth.

To allow bluetooth on the controller, you must first disaffix it from any type of tool it is connected to (which deserve to be done by ssuggest turning off that device). Next off, you should encertain that the controller has actually turned off completely (the light is not lit or flashing. Then, organize both the PlayStation switch and the Share button till the light on the controller is flashing promptly. At this allude, the controller must be visible as a bluetooth tool, and you simply have to pick it on your computer. However, it is time-restricted. If the light stops flashing prior to the COMPUTER has completely paired through the controller, it will generate an error and also soptimal the pairing procedure.

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NOTE: This does not work-related on all computers.

The means I get mine to job-related is to go into the sound settings and "disable" the controller for both microphone and also speakers, this constantly resolves the worry for me, hope this helps!

My deal with was to disable the wiremuch less controller in Device Manger under audio after it cuts your audio and rebegin. For some factor the PS4 remote even overrides your set default audio route and you can"t switch earlier to your default, unmuch less you restart.

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