How to disable hands free activation

Hands-cost-free is a pre-set up application that commonly shows up on Samsung Galaxy phones, specifically the phones come from Sprint carrier. This mode periodically helps us a lot in answering calls and also perform various other actions, but it occasionally make us feel annoyed. As hands-free activation is a stock application from the carrier, so you are not able to uninstall it generally as what you perform via third-party apps. If you are in search of a solution to remove Hands-totally free activation on your Samsung Galaxy S7 phone, then this post will certainly assist you perform that.

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As ‘activate hands-complimentary mode” problem commonly originates from Sprint Galaxy phones, so this technique is largely produced for them. We tested it on our Sprint Galaxy Keep in mind 5 but the tool still functions through various other tools.


Your Galaxy phone need to come from Sprint carrierKeep up your phone battery at least 50%Back up all data of your phone to prevent unwanted issues

Let’s begin disabling Hands-totally free activation from Galaxy devices.

Disable Hands-Free Activation On Sprint Galaxy S7On your phone, go to Setups > About Phone and also tap on Build Number 7 times until you watch a message “you are now a developer”Next off, go back to Settings > Developer Options and allow USB Debugging OptionNow, open up Debloater application and also attach your phone to the computerSelect Read Device Packages and browse to the SprintDM.apk  line. This is the app that educates to activate hands-cost-free mode.

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Click on Apply and also wait for the tool to notify: Finimelted applying application alters to devices


Finally, simply reboot your phone and check whether the hands-totally free activation calls for activation.

In addition, via Debloater, you have the right to also rerelocate a few apps from Sprint carriers such as Activation.apk, ID.apk, SprintAndroidExstress and anxiety.apk, SprintSyncMLSvc.apk, Vowifi.apk, Wificalling.apk, MobileInstaller.apk, ANTPlusPlugins.apk, ANDRadioService.apk, and also others.

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That’s how to disable hands-cost-free activation on your Samsung Galaxy S7. If you have actually any question, let’s recognize in the comment below.