How to delete skype account without deleting microsoft account

At says that the adhering to FOUR Steps will attain the job declared in the Subject line, which quantities to my Concern, too:

Step 1. Sign in to your account.

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Step 2. In the Account details section, click Account settings.

Uh-oh. I don"t check out "Account" or "Account details" or "Account settings".

The procedure has involved a screeching halt.

Here"s what I see:


But if I click the " . . .

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" by my name (top left), I see "Settings". Let"s click that. Here"s what I see:


None of the options have actually anything to execute through deleting Skype BUT NOT account. AndNote that the bottom right option states, in fine print, "Close your account", something that the Initial Poster in the connect AND I DO NOT WANT TO DO!

So wright here do I discover the "Linked Accounts section" described in Step 3 of the Answer from 2019, which says:

Step 3. In theLinked accounts section, click Unlink next to your account ID.

That is, just how carry out I unattach my Skype and accounts so I have the right to delete ONLY THE SKYPE account?



I am also troubled by the wording in Step 4: "...what to intend ... and if you agree, choose Cshed account", which says:

Tip 4. A message appears telling you what to mean once you unattach your Skype ID from a account. Read the information and also if you agree, selectCshed account."

The Initial Inquiry sassist exactly to NOT DISTURB ACCOUNT. I wonder, if I might obtain past Step 2, if "Close account" in Tip 4 consists of cshedding the account.

The link I gave mirrors pathetic help. It does not use to the Windows and Skype versions that I am utilizing now, a year later on. Nor does it resolve those versions that were in result in 2019. And the threview is closed. In brief, it"s worthless and the entire thread should either be deleted or re-opened so we 2020 people have the right to chime in and perhaps obtain a real Answer.

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Please: for Windows 10, OS build 18363.719, and also Skype Answer the Question in the Subject line of this article.